Weekly Newsflash 06/30/2023

Weekly Newsflash 06/30/2023


Greetings to all our esteemed Chips Newsletter readers! We're absolutely thrilled to kick off this edition with some exceptional feats by our gambling superstars!

In an astonishing stroke of good fortune, we witnessed one of the most unforgettable moments in the history of Crystal Catcher by Push Gaming. Put4click, a seasoned gambler known for their audacity, strategy and streaming prowess, struck gold with a remarkable 463x multiplier. Starting with a bet of a mere 483.1566230 Tron, Put4click took us all by surprise by securing a staggering total of 223,701.52 Tron. To translate this win into dollars, it's a mind-boggling amount of $16,446.54. Truly, a win for the ages!

Meanwhile, a well-renowned figure in our gambling community, Lenny96, showed us all how it's done on Joker Troupe, also by Push Gaming. With just a 5.00 USDT bet, Lenny96 managed to hit an eye-popping 1,104x multiplier. The outcome? A total win of 5,520.00 USDT. In dollar terms, that's a straight-up $5,520 – a figure that showcases Lenny96's prowess and strategic betting skills.

As we marvel at these incredible triumphs, we're reminded that every bet can indeed transform into a monumental win. Here's to our champions, Put4click and Lenny96 – keep making us proud with your remarkable victories!



As we move towards the end of the week, we're excited to bring you the lineup of events that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seats.

Today, we're igniting the competitive spirit with our Fire Friday Wager Race. Don't let the heat scare you, it's your chance to climb up the leaderboard and earn bragging rights along with some impressive rewards. Make the most of your Friday by participating in this thrilling race!

But that's not all. Following closely on the heels of Fire Friday, we're heading towards a wild and exciting adventure with the Safari Saturday Points Race. Step into the adventurous landscapes of our games, gather points and prove your prowess in the betting arena. There's a jungle of rewards waiting to be claimed!

And finally, to sweeten up your weekend, we're bringing you the delightful Sweet Sunday Wager Race. What better way to end your week than with a chance to win big while enjoying your favourite games? The final push for glory awaits you this Sunday!

So, clear your calendars and prepare your best strategies. It's going to be a nail-biting, pulse-pounding race to the finish line! We can't wait to see you all there.


As we wrap up the thrilling lineup of wager races, we'd love to draw your attention to some exhilarating social media giveaways we've planned just for you.

Over on our lively Telegram channel, we're hosting an electrifying $500 Crash giveaway. Simply post any win you've achieved on a bet on Crash, and you're in the running to be one of our lucky ten winners, each receiving $50. However, you'll have to hurry - this offer runs only until 9pm UTC today. So get posting and start celebrating your wins with our vibrant community!

Once the excitement of the Crash giveaway cools off, we'll be launching straight into our Wild West Gold giveaway. This unique event comes with a bit of a twist - a $100 prize awaits the sole survivor who manages to hit a 50x or higher and post it in our Telegram group. But there's a catch - you'll have to outlast all others on the "Survivor Wheel". Can you beat the odds and emerge victorious? We're eager to find out!

But let's not forget our Twitter family! We've set up a splendid weekend giveaway for you. Post your big wins on Chips under the designated tweet, and you'll have the chance to be one of our three lucky winners, each walking away with $50.

So, gear up for a thrilling social media ride, filled with ample opportunities to win and share your victories. Join us on Telegram and Twitter for an unforgettable experience! Remember, fortune favors the bold - we look forward to seeing you in the winner's circle.



We now turn our spotlight to the thrilling saga of Beat the Boss.

This past Monday, Zac set pulses racing when he managed to land an unbelievable 2001x multiplier on Stackem'. His monumental achievement has indeed set a towering standard for this week's Beat the Boss challenge. As of this newsletter's dispatch, not a single chipper has been able to surmount this high bar.

For those who missed the riveting live stream, it was truly a rollercoaster of emotions. The scene was set with numerous slots hitting big while Zac fervently played on. Starting with a hefty $1000, Zac saw his wallet swell to an impressive $1500+. But as the saying goes, 'fortune favors the bold' - and bold Zac was indeed! On a dare from one of the viewers, he threw caution to the wind with $20 spins on Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness. However, luck had its fickle way, and his balance vanished within minutes - an event that will go down in Beat the Boss history!

Looking ahead, we are excited to announce that the amazing Ted will be back at the helm this upcoming Monday. Armed with his seasoned betting prowess, he will be taking a crack at setting a new multiplier for our intrepid chippers to challenge. We eagerly look forward to seeing you all there.

The event will take place on our Discord server, precisely in the Degen Nation channel. Remember to mark your calendars for 9pm UTC this Monday. It promises to be an exhilarating evening, filled with suspense, action, and potentially some earth-shattering multipliers! See you then, chippers!


Shifting gears to another exciting update, let's talk about The Vault.

Just yesterday, we experienced the thrilling event of The Vault drop! We sincerely hope that you managed to secure your chips in time to enjoy a sizeable payout. This was an excellent opportunity for all our chippers to enhance their earnings significantly.

For those who are new to this, The Vault is an innovative feature where chippers can lock up their chips, and when the vault "drops", all locked chips get a massive payout. It's one of the unique aspects that makes betting with us an even more rewarding experience.

Remember, opportunities like The Vault drop are always around the corner in our community. Stay tuned for the next one and be prepared to lock those chips up for some grand winnings!