Spudtacular Adventures: Unearthing the Secrets of Royal Potato

Spudtacular Adventures: Unearthing the Secrets of Royal Potato

Title: Royal Potato

Developer: Print Studio (Relax Gaming)

Reels: 5

Rows: 4

Paylines: 30

RTP: 97.2

Free Spins Freq: 1/279

Max Win: 30,000x

Volatility: High

Min/Max Bet: 0.40/12

Release Date: 1 December 2021

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Slot Overview

Have you ever thought about diving into the interesting world of potatoes? Well, thanks to Royal Potato, you can now go on an amazing journey full of interesting facts and fun game play. This slot takes you back to the beginnings of this simple vegetable, showing you where it came from and turning it into a fun game.

In Royal Potato, Relax Gaming mixes parts of their previous hit game Crystal Golem with new features from Push Gaming's popular 'Fat' series. The way Royal Potato looks is a treat for the eyes and makes it feel warm and welcoming. The game's creators, Print Studios, give the potatoes personality by giving them names and putting them in an interesting order. As you get into the wonderful tuber country, you will meet King potatoes, Queen potatoes, guards, nobles, and more.

The game grid in Royal Potato is bigger than the one in Crystal Golem. It has 5 lines and 4 rows, while Crystal Golem only has 3. In addition, 14 SuperSpinner spots show up between the reels, making the game even more exciting. But Royal Potato isn't just pretty to look at; its numbers are amazing as well. Theoretically, the average yield is 96.27%, and it can go as high as 97.2% if you buy the free spins round. Players can expect to get good returns. The game is set to have a medium-to-high amount of volatility, which makes it exciting all the way through, especially when you buy into a feature.

Players can bet anywhere from $0.40 to $12 per spin on Royal Potato, which has 30 paylines and a betting spread of $0.40 to $12. Each image in this game has been carefully made, and the custom-made icons add to the game's whimsical feel. From the low-paying flower images to the Kennebec, Russet, Yukon, and Desiree characters to the high-paying Kings and Queens, every part of the reels in Royal Potato shows how much attention to detail was put into the game. During the free spins round, keep an eye out for the Jumbo symbol wild. It plays a key role in increasing your wins and making your potato adventure even more beneficial.

Slot Features

The Superspinners in Royal Potato are a new and exciting addition to the games. These 14 SuperSpinner spots are between the reels and can be used during both the base game and the bonus games. Not every Superspinner will work on every spin, and each one has a different value. But when a winning line crosses an active Superspinner, the prize value is multiplied by the amount shown on the Superspinner. If a winning line crosses more than one Superspinner, the multiplier values are added one after the other, increasing your chances of winning. Get ready for wins that will add up and make you want more.

Royal Levy

With the Royal Levy function in Royal Potato, you can get ready for a royal treat. When the images of a King or Queen appear on the reels, they can randomly set off the Royal Levy. Once triggered, each King or Queen symbol reveals a hidden prize, which is then multiplied by the total of all the SuperSpinner values you can see on the screen. This grand mix of symbols and multipliers can lead to gifts fit for a king or queen. Watch as the Kings and Queens give you their gifts, making this a truly royal way to play.

Here comes the code! Who is the voice actor for the infamous potato character in the Disney movie series? 😈

Free Spins

In Royal Potato, the Free Spins function is a time of pure excitement and anticipation. If you get 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols, the bonus round starts and you get 10, 12, or 14 free spins, depending on how many scatter symbols you got. As Pachelbel's Canon plays to start the round, a sticky 2x1 Jumbo sign takes centre stage in the middle of the game grid. This Jumbo symbol is a wild that can take the place of certain symbols that are highlighted in the symbol panel next to the reels. At first, these underlined symbols were the ones that paid out the least.

When these highlighted symbols are part of a winning combo, the magic really starts to happen. With every win, the Jumbo sign gets bigger, covering more of the board and replacing more symbols from the paytable, as shown on the panel. Each time the Jumbo sign grows, it not only gives you more chances to win big, but also gives you more free spins. Imagine how exciting it will be when the Jumbo hits its full size of 5x5 and spreads its wild power over the whole game grid. Use the Jumbo Wild to its full potential and enjoy a lot of wins during the exciting Free Spins game.

Buy Bonus Feature

Royal Potato has a "Buy Bonus" choice for people who want to get to the action-packed "Free Spins" feature quickly. With this feature, players can pay 93 times their total bet to buy the free spins round. By using this feature, you can skip the waiting and jump right into the Free Spins round, which is a very exciting part of the game. It's the best choice for people who want to get right to the heart-pounding excitement and amazing chances to win that Royal Potato has to offer.

Slot Verdict

In the end, Royal Potato is a great example of how Relax Gaming took something ordinary and turned it into an exciting game. By making a fun potato kingdom with great visuals and silly humour, the company gave life and charm to something that would have been boring otherwise. Putting potatoes in a game where they could be hurtful is not only a cute touch, but also a calming presence.

Even though it's easy to compare Royal Potato to Push Gaming's 'Fat' series, it stands out by adding a unique twist. In Royal Potato, the Jumbo sign is not always wild like in Fat Rabbit, but it is still very useful. SuperSpinners add an extra level of excitement to free spins, and the game keeps a sense of control with a 30,000x win cap to keep it from getting out of hand.

Royal Potato can be hard, but the high rewards and general fun it can bring make it a really fun game to try out. With its refined version of the Fat Rabbit mechanic, the addition of multipliers, and solid statistics, playing Royal Potato is like enjoying a perfectly salted and aioli-drenched French fry. It's an experience that any gambler looking for excitement and big wins can't refuse.

Chips Stack Rating: 9 out of 10!
"Dig into a tuber-tastic adventure with Royal Potato and uncover a potato kingdom filled with whimsical fun and juicy rewards!"