Counter-Strike 2: Tradeit League FE Masters #4

Counter-Strike 2: Tradeit League FE Masters #4

Are you an E-Sports fan? So are we! With our amazing & endless sports betting options over at, we have prepared an exciting Counter-Strike 2 tournament for you.

Join us for the fourth edition of Tradeit League FE Masters tournament on July 19-21! Featuring 24 female teams, exciting matches, and +$5,000 in prizes - watch it live on Tradeit's Twitch and Kick channels!

We have a lot to offer for our viewers! By joining us in this tournament:

  • Viewers will benefit from random balance drops
  • Viewers will receive 100+ random balance codes
  • Users that bet at least $5 on the Tradeit League FE Masters #4 matches on sportsbook will be eligible to win up to $300.

About the Tournament

While 8 of the teams will directly join the tournament in the playoffs stage, the other 16 teams will start the tournament in the qualifier stage and compete against another team to rise to the playoffs:

Playoff Teams:

  • BIG Equipa
  • Crescent
  • ENCE Athena
  • Team France
  • Imperial Female
  • NIP Impact
  • Team Spirit Female
  • Violet

Qualifier Stage Teams:

  • 5bites
  • AKA Hero Althena
  • AaB Female
  • Dreamcatchers
  • EYS Female
  • Insilo Female
  • K10 Ashes
  • LOOF
  • Needachance
  • One Day
  • PHYSE Angels
  • Permitta Female
  • Wwaves
  • YUME
  • YeYo


  1. $3,000 in cash
  2. $1,000 in cash
  3. $500 in CS2 skins
  4. $500 in CS2 skins

The MVP of this tournament will also receive $250 in CS2 skins.

Betting Opportunities on

Over at, we value your experience over everything. In order for you to have a unique experience filled with excitement, matches in Tradeit League FE Masters #4 will be available on our sportsbook for making bets, starting from the quarter finals.

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