Weekly News Flash 12/05/2023

Weekly News Flash 12/05/2023


In this edition of "Wins of the Week," we're excited to share some truly remarkable achievements from our Chips.gg players.

One fortunate Chipper experienced an unbelievable stroke of luck, securing back-to-back wins within just four hours. The player kicked off their winning streak with a massive 1452.40x multiplier on Dork Unit, turning a $4 bet into an impressive $5,813 payout. The momentum continued with Wild West Duels, where another $4 bet resulted in a jaw-dropping 1793x multiplier, rewarding the player with an additional $7,179. This double victory showcased some truly astonishing luck!

In another noteworthy win, a lucky player managed to hit a comparable 1170x multiplier on Starlight Princess. Their modest $6 bet led to an incredible $7,022 payout, demonstrating the potential for massive rewards.

Lastly, in last week's Beat the Boss, one competitor shattered Zac's 464x multiplier record by achieving a staggering 25,000x max multiplier on Hex. This extraordinary accomplishment guaranteed them first place in the competition, leaving onlookers in awe.

Join us in congratulating these exceptional players on their phenomenal wins and accomplishments!



Watch out for this week as there are fun daily promotions that await eager players at Chips.gg. Here's a detailed breakdown of this upcoming week's rewards and opportunities:


In this edition of "Social Media Giveaways," we witnessed a surge of enthusiastic participation in our latest social media giveaways, captivating players with enticing prizes and interactive challenges. The recent Telegram giveaway for Peak Power proved to be a resounding success, attracting numerous contestants throughout the weekend.

To determine the lucky winners, we organized an impromptu event on Discord. Participants eagerly gathered to watch the wheel spin, hoping the wheel would not land on their name and eliminating names until only the final five remained. The anticipation surrounding the selection process created an electrifying atmosphere among the participants. As the winners emerged, excitement filled the virtual space, leaving the community eager for more. We even pressed on further to find out who the soul winner was, just for fun, and it was none other than Nicole.

In parallel, Chips.gg hosted an exhilarating Twitter giveaway, awarding six fortunate individuals with a $25 prize each.

Additionally, on Tuesday, participants were invited to participate in a unique game. The challenge entailed guessing the background picture of a well-played slot at Chips.gg featured in a Twitter post. Those who correctly identified the image had a chance of walking away with a generous $50 reward.

The popular Twitter platform continues to serve as a hub for captivating giveaways at Chips. Today, chippers are in for another treat, as we drop a "guess the roulette number" challenge. Participants will have the opportunity to predict the winning roulette number, with a chance to win $25 and relish the thrill of this classic casino game.

Chips.gg's social media giveaways have sparked a wave of excitement among crypto casino enthusiasts and sportsbook fans alike. These engaging contests not only provide an interactive experience for the participants but also offer a chance to walk away with enticing rewards.

Keep a close eye on Chips.gg's Telegram and Twitter channels for upcoming challenges and giveaways, as we continue to provide thrilling opportunities for our loyal chippers.



In this week's "Beat the Boss" news, Viktor emerged victorious from Sunday's Beat the Boss Discord Stream, achieving an impressive 471x multiplier on Midnight Marauder by Relax Gaming.

Now, it's your turn to step up and face the challenge in this week's Multiplier Challenge! You have until Sunday to try your luck and see if you have what it takes to Beat the Boss.

Be sure not to miss the next exciting Beat the Boss event, taking place this Sunday in the Discord. Join us to cheer with your fellow players and see how high the multiplier can go!


By the time you receive this message, the highly anticipated Vault will be unlocked in just 48 days and 12 hours. Don't miss out on locking up your Chips tokens!