Weekly News Flash 08/11/2023

Weekly News Flash 08/11/2023


Hold onto your hats, Chippers! Because, it's time to celebrate some absolutely mind-blowing wins at Chips.gg this week! Our players have been on an epic winning spree, and their triumphs are nothing short of astonishing. Prepare to be amazed by these remarkable tales of victory:

Leading the charge is the fearless player known as Tomyyy, who ventured into the depths of Tombstone R.I.P. by Nolimit City with an adventurous bet of 42.5696705 TRX. What followed was truly legendary—a jaw-dropping multiplier of 10,539.27x, resulting in an astonishing win of 448,653.25 TRX. That's a whopping total of $34,802.03! Tomyyy, your victory has left us in awe, and your name will surely go down in Chips.gg history!

Next up is the legendary DegenBilly, who took on the 5 Lions Megaways by Pragmatic Play with unwavering determination. With a bet of 0.0000686 BTC, DegenBilly witnessed a sensational multiplier of 4,000.58x, turning their wager into an electrifying win of 0.27 BTC. That's an incredible total of $7,997.81! Your prowess in the game is truly something to behold, DegenBilly!

And let's not forget the exceptional player ptiguy, who made waves on the Club Tropicana by Pragmatic Play. Betting 10.7891511 BUSD, ptiguy achieved a remarkable multiplier of 602.67x, resulting in a fantastic win of 6,502.30 BUSD. But the excitement didn't stop there—ptiguy returned the next day for another victory with the same slot! With a bet of 53.9286655 BUSD, they scored a multiplier of 146.67x, leading to an incredible win of 7,909.72 BUSD. That's a combined total of $14,428.14 over two days of thrilling wins!



Get ready for a weekend of sizzling excitement and untamed adventure at Chips.gg! Our promotions are back, bigger and better than ever, and they're ready to take your gaming experience to new heights. Check out the thrills that await you:

Fire Friday Wager: Get ready to set the reels ablaze with Fire Friday Wager! It's time to bring the heat as you dive into a collection of scorching hot slots. The challenge is on—spin those reels, chase those high multipliers, and seize the opportunity to claim your share of the impressive $1,000 prize pool. The flames of fortune may be dancing in your favor this weekend, so gear up and prepare for an inferno of wins that'll leave you breathless!

Safari Saturday Wager: Embark on a wild and untamed gaming experience like no other with our Safari Saturday Wager! Explore captivating slots that take you on an exciting safari adventure. Encounter majestic creatures and thrilling features as you spin the reels. Your mission? Achieve a multiplier of 25x or higher on the featured slots to earn valuable points on the leaderboard. The more points you gather, the closer you get to claiming your slice of the $1,000 prize pool. Get ready for a roaring good time—it's a safari you won't forget!

Sweet Sunday Wager: Are you ready to satisfy your sweet tooth while winning big? Dive into the world of candy-coated delights with our Sweet Sunday Wager. Immerse yourself in the sugary goodness of the featured slots as you spin your way to victory. Climb the leaderboard, showcase your gaming skills, and aim for the top spot. The ultimate treat? A delectable share of the $1,000 prize pool! Get ready to make this Sunday a true Funday and indulge in a gaming experience that's sweeter than ever.

So gear up, get ready to spin, and embrace the excitement of Fire Friday, Safari Saturday, and Sweet Sunday! The prizes are calling your name, the reels are ready to ignite, and the adventure is about to begin. Will you rise to the challenge and claim your share of the rewards? The choice is yours—let the gaming festivities commence!



Our commitment to engaging and rewarding our community knows no bounds, and our Social Media Giveaways are proof of that. Let's dive into the action and see what's in store:

Last week's Telegram challenge had our players embarking on an epic journey with Beast Below by Hacksaw Gaming. The challenge was simple: achieve those winning shots and proudly share them on our Telegram channel with the hashtag #SirensCall. The reward? A chance to be one of the lucky $25 winners! Let's give a shoutout to last week's victors: Jump, Filipo, TachuTachu, and Stalscu—you've proven your gaming prowess and claimed your well-deserved rewards!

But the excitement doesn't stop there! Brace yourselves for the next challenge that's about to rock your world. Introducing the Crash by Chips Original Telegram Challenge! Come play the exhilarating Crash game by cashing out before the rocket ship explodes and capture your winning moment with a screenshot. Once you've got that epic shot, make sure you share it on our Telegram channel with the hashtag #GroundControl!

Here's the twist, though: This time, we're taking it up a notch with a super lucky winner! That's right—one winner will seize an incredible total of $100! The stakes are high, the competition is fierce, and the rewards are absolutely out of this world. Will you be the one to claim the grand prize and become the star of our social media universe? There's only one way to find out—join the challenge and let the games begin!


This week, zacenergy emerged as the boss-beating champion during Monday's heart-pounding Beat the Boss Discord Stream. With a jaw-dropping highest multiplier of 409x on the thrilling Piggy Bankers slot from Pragmatic Play, zacenergy claimed victory and left us all in awe. Congratulations, zacenergy, for your remarkable gaming prowess and your place in the winner's circle!

But the fun is far from over! It's your turn now to take on the challenge and aim for the top spot in this week's Multiplier Challenge. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to achieve the highest multipliers on the leaderboard and beat the boss's formidable target multiplier of 409x.

And here's the grand prize that awaits: The three most daring players who conquer the boss's target multiplier will seize their well-deserved share of the fantastic $1000 cash prize pool! The competition is fierce, the rewards are enticing, and the clock is ticking. Be quick, be strategic, and show the boss who's boss!

But remember, time is of the essence—the challenge is ending soon, and your chance to claim victory and riches is now. So gear up, brace yourself, and get ready to enter the heart-pounding world of "Beat the Boss." Will you rise to the occasion, achieve the highest multipliers, and secure your spot in the winner's circle? The challenge awaits, the boss beckons, and the rewards are within your grasp. May the odds be in your favor, and may your gaming prowess shine bright!


The excitement is building as we count down just 47 days—less than 2 months—until the grand unveiling of the Vault at Chips.gg! Get ready to unlock a world of rewards, treasures, and thrilling surprises that await you inside.

But here's the catch—you don't have to wait idly by. Every spin, every bet, and every win brings you closer to the moment when the Vault's riches will be yours to claim. So gear up, prepare for epic gaming adventures, and make every moment on the reels count.

The countdown is on, and the anticipation is electric. The Vault's secrets are about to be revealed, and the rewards are yours for the taking. It's time to seize the day, embrace the challenge, and let the countdown ignite your gaming spirit. The adventure is just beginning, and the thrill of the Vault is within your reach. Will you be ready to claim your share of the spoils? Play on, Chippers, and let the countdown to greatness begin!