Weekly News Flash 07/28/2023

Weekly News Flash 07/28/2023


Hold on to your hats, Chippers, because it's time to celebrate some mind-blowing wins from this week's gaming extravaganza at Chips.gg! Our players have been on an absolute winning spree, and their victories are nothing short of extraordinary. Brace yourselves for an exhilarating journey through the stories of our latest champions:

  1. First up, let's give a thunderous round of applause to the daring player known as Black_Snake_972! They ventured into the whimsical world of Critter Pop with a bet of 0.7500750 BUSD and witnessed an incredible multiplier of 7,184.88x, transforming their wager into a jaw-dropping 5,389.20 BUSD. That's an eye-popping total win of $5,389.20! It's a win that will undoubtedly go down in the records of Chips.gg history!
  2. But the winning excitement doesn't stop there! Our next champion, rtari, took on the thrilling Wanted Dead or a Wild slot with 2.3297955 XRP and struck gold with an extraordinary multiplier of 6,000.00x, turning their bet into a phenomenal 13,978.77 XRP. That's a spectacular win of $10,830.75! It's the kind of victory that sends shockwaves of excitement through the entire community!
  3. And there's more! SniiKzy set their sights on the fruity delights of Fruit Party, wagering 6.0000000 USDT and experiencing an electrifying multiplier of 3,846.50x, resulting in a whopping 23,079.00 USDT win. That's a total win of $23,079.00! It's a triumph that will leave everyone in awe and inspired to take their shot at greatness!

These phenomenal wins showcase the exhilarating and unpredictable nature of online crypto gambling at Chips.gg. With each spin, players have the chance to experience the thrill of victory and potentially walk away with life-changing sums of money. So why wait? Take your shot at greatness and join the ranks of these remarkable winners at Chips.gg! Will you be the next champion to grace our winner's circle? There's only one way to find out—spin those reels and let the magic happen!



Get ready for an electrifying weekend at Chips.gg with our sizzling promotions that will keep the excitement burning! Each day brings a thrilling new adventure and a chance to win big from the enticing $1,000 prize pool. Get your game face on and dive into the action:

Fire Friday Wager: Ignite the reels and feel the heat as you take on a collection of scorching hot slots. Fire Friday Wager is back, and it's ready to set the weekend ablaze! Spin those reels, chase those high multipliers, and seize the opportunity to claim your share of the $1,000 prize pool. The flames of fortune may be on your side this weekend, so buckle up and get ready for an inferno of wins!

Safari Saturday Wager: Brace yourself for an untamed gaming experience as we embark on a wild safari adventure! Explore captivating slots with thrilling safari themes, where the reels come alive with majestic creatures and exciting features. The challenge is simple: achieve a multiplier of 25x or higher on the featured slots, and you'll earn valuable points on the leaderboard. The more points you gather, the closer you get to claiming your slice of the $1,000 prize pool. Get your safari gear ready, because this Saturday promises to be a roaring good time!

Sweet Sunday Wager: Calling all sweet tooths! Indulge your cravings for both fun and rewards with our delectable Sweet Sunday Wager. Immerse yourself in a world of candy-coated delights as you spin the reels of the featured slots. Climb the leaderboard, fight for the top spot, and show off your gaming prowess. The ultimate prize? A delectable share of the $1,000 prize pool! So, get ready to satisfy your cravings for excitement and treat yourself to a Sunday Funday like no other.

Don't miss out on the action-packed weekend ahead at Chips.gg! Fire up your gaming engines, embark on a wild safari journey, and indulge in sweet rewards as you conquer the challenges that await. The weekend is yours for the taking, and the prizes are just a few spins away. Get in on the fun, join the competition, and make this weekend one to remember!



Get ready for some social media excitement that will take your Chips.gg journey to a whole new level! We believe in engaging and rewarding our community in every way possible, and that means we've got some thrilling giveaways lined up just for you. Hold on tight, because the fun is about to begin!

Telegram: The thrill is on with our brand-new Telegram challenge that's currently in full swing! We're cranking up the excitement with not one, not two, but a whopping 10 chances to win $10 each! How? It's simple! We've set up an elimination wheel, and the last 10 surviving chippers will walk away with a fantastic $10 prize each!

To join the action, all you need to do is dive into the world of Extra Juicy Megaways by Pragmatic Play. Spin those reels, chase those multiplier wins, and capture your epic victories with a screenshot. Once you've got your winning shot, proudly post it on our Telegram channel with the hashtag #JuicyMegaways. Your moment of glory could be just a spin away!

With every screenshot, you increase your chances of being one of the lucky $10 winners! The competition is fierce, but the rewards are oh-so-sweet. Don't miss your chance to be a part of the Telegram frenzy and claim your share of the prize.

Follow us on Telegram, as the action there is non-stop, the prizes are up for grabs, and the excitement is through the roof! Will you be among the last 10 chippers standing? There's only one way to find out—join the challenge and let the reels reveal your fate!


It's time to unleash the boss-busting excitement at Chips.gg! Meet our reigning boss, the fearless Ted, who goes by the alias "ohmzz." This formidable challenger is ready to take on all comers, but don't let that intimidate you because the rewards are oh-so-tempting!

Ted has set the bar high with an impressive 4192x multiplier on the thrilling Peak Power slot by Pragmatic Play. It's a record that's sparked a frenzy of excitement and ignited the competitive spirit among our chippers!

Now, here's where the real fun begins! We're giving three lucky chippers the chance to prove their mettle and claim the title of "Boss Beater." All you have to do is achieve a multiplier higher than Ted's mighty 4192x on the leaderboard. Beat the boss, and you'll secure your spot in the winner's circle!

And what's at stake, you ask? It's none other than a fabulous cash prize pool of $1000! The thrill of defeating the boss is matched only by the satisfaction of claiming your well-deserved reward.


Attention, Chippers! The highly anticipated Vault at Chips.gg has been accumulating for some time, and the Vault is now on a countdown of 61 days! Keep playing, keep winning, and let the chips fall in your favor!


That concludes this week's newsflash, showcasing the thrilling wins, exciting promotions, social media giveaways, and the epic Beat the Boss challenge at Chips.gg. Join in the action, explore the new games, and take your chances at winning big. Stay tuned for the next update and remember… At Chips.gg, the next life-changing win could be just a spin away! Till next time!