UFC on ESPN | Strickland vs Magomedov

UFC on ESPN | Strickland vs Magomedov

The upcoming UFC on ESPN has the mixed martial arts community on a high. Fans are very excited for the main event fight between Sean Strickland and Abus Magomedov. Also, the fight between Damien Ismagulov and Grant Dawson, which is the co-main event, ought to be very heated. Let's dig further into these bouts and the other exciting MMA matches that will have the world on the edge of their seats.

Sean Strickland vs Abus Magomedov

Sean Strickland (26-5-0), an American middleweight who is 32 years old and very strong, is ranked #7 in his division right now. Strickland has built a reputation as a fierce competitor because of the way he fights and how willing he is to trade blows. In his most recent fight, he beat Nassourdine Imavov by decision, which showed how tough and skilled he is.

Abus Magomedov (25-4-1), a Russian middleweight who is 32 years old and ranked #10 in his division, fights against Strickland. Magomedov is an amazing takedown and ground-and-pound fighter. He used to do freestyle wrestling. In his last fight, he knocked out Andrei Arlovski, which shows how strong and talented he is.

It's hard to say what will happen in this exciting game. Both fighters have done very well in recent matches and are currently ranked in the top 10 in their class. Strickland has a clear advantage because he is good at punching, but Magomedov is a real threat because he is good at wrestling. To win, you have to be able to set the pace and style of the fight. Because their skill sets are so similar, I think Strickland will win after a hard-fought decision.

Grant Dawson vs Damien Ismagulov

Damien Ismagulov and Grant Dawson are going to fight it out in the co-main event. Ismagulov (24-2-0) is a Russian lightweight who is 32 years old and ranks 11th in his class. As a former Sambo winner, he has a well-rounded set of skills, including technical striking and high-level grappling. In his last fight, Ismagulov beat Alexander Yakovlev by decision, which showed that he could control the fight in more than one way.

Grant Dawson (19-1-1), an American lightweight who is 31 years old and placed 12th in his division, will fight Ismagulov. Dawson is known for his intense "ground and pound" style, which he learned while wrestling in college. His latest decision win over Ricky Glenn showed how hard he works and how determined he is.

On paper, the fight between Ismagulov and Dawson looks like it will be very close. Both athletes have a wide range of skills and have what it takes to win. In this close fight, the mistake margin will be very important. After giving it a lot of thought, I think Ismagulov will win, giving him a well-deserved decision victory.

Max Griffin vs Michael Morales

When Max Griffin and Michael Morales fight at welterweight, there will be a lot of action. Griffin (19-9-0), an American who is 34 years old and placed #15 in his division, is known for his strong strikes and ability to finish fights. Griffin is ready to show off his devastating power and determined style again after beating Zak Ottow by decision.

Morales (14-0-0), a Mexican welterweight who is 25 years old and placed #16 in the world, has made a name for himself quickly with his power and ability to knock out his opponents. Morales used to fight in the bantamweight class. He has a wide range of skills that will make every fight exciting. His last win, a knockout at UFC Vegas 50, showed that he has the ability to make a big difference in the welterweight class.

Griffin and Morales are two young fighters in the welterweight class who have a lot of potential. Their fight will be exciting to watch. Both fighters are known for being bold and being able to win, so this fight is likely to be an exciting show. Due to the fast-paced nature of the fight, I think Morales will win by knockout, which will further his rise in the middleweight ranks.

Ariane Lipski vs Melissa Gatto

When Ariane Lipski and Melissa Gatto go up against each other in the flyweight division, it should be a very interesting fight. Lipski (15-8-0), a 28-year-old Brazilian who is placed #12, made her name as a strawweight thanks to how well she could hit and finish her opponents. Her decision win at UFC Vegas 50 showed that she could control the fight and that she had good athletic skills.

Melissa Gatto (8-1-2) is a Brazilian bantamweight who is 29 years old and placed #13. She is known for being good at grappling and fighting in a way that gives her control. Her win at UFC Vegas 48 by decision showed that she could control the pace and flow of a fight.

Both Lipski and Gatto are well-rounded fighters who like to take control of the fight. This makes the fight between them a close one. The likely winner will be the one who can carry out their game plan with the fewest mistakes. I think Lipski will win this fight by decision, even though it will be a close fight.


As UFC on ESPN is happening soon, fans eagerly anticipate the intense battles that await them. The main event clash between Sean Strickland and Abus Magomedov, along with the co-main event featuring Damien Ismagulov and Grant Dawson, promise to captivate viewers with their high-stakes encounters. Additionally, the other notable fights, such as Max Griffin vs. Michael Morales and Ariadne Lipski vs. Melissa Gatto, guarantee an action-packed evening for MMA enthusiasts worldwide. Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled showcase of skill, determination, and electrifying moments inside the Octagon. So chippers, what do you think of the matches mentioned above? Come over to Chips, place your bets and let the results speak for itself!