The Doghouse MultiHold | Slot Review

The Doghouse MultiHold | Slot Review
And the dog goes: woofwoof100, wonder what that means?

The Doghouse MultiHold | Pragmatic Play

Release Date: February 27th 2023

Provider: Pragmatic Play

Volatility: High

Reels: 5

Paylines: 20

Min/Max Bet: $0.20/$100

Max Win: 9,000x

RTP: 96.06%

Among the most popular Pragmatic Play games, The Dog House was released in March of 2019. Since its release, there have been many slots that have tried to copy the charm of the cartoon character dogs and their jaunty tune, but nothing has been able to capture the atmosphere as a whole. There have been 2 sequels, Doghouse Megaways and Doghouse Dice, and it seems Pragmatic is ready to make a full revamp of the original. The Doghouse Multihold will be the fourth installment in the game line.

The Basics

Anyone who has played the original or Megaways version of Doghouse will feel immediately comfortable when Doghouse Multihold opens. All your favorite dogs and low paying symbols make a reappearance, and the doghouses are still the multiplier wilds. Multipliers are added together if there is more than one in a pay line for up to a 9x multiplier. The pay scale ranges from 0.1x to 25x for a single line (without multipliers). The base game has virtually no difference other than new music in the background.

In a fresh surprise, Pragmatic has increased the max win to 9,000x

Bonus Round

3 red dog paws award the bonus round. Instead of 9 slots for 1-3 spins like the original, players are awarded 7 free spins every time. The bonus round is where the game makes a name for itself. The game splits into 4 sets of reels instead of 1 with 3 of them locked. Wilds are still sticky and carry a 2 or 3x multiplier. Scatters are collected and 3 of them open the next set of reels. When the next set of reels is unlocked, any wilds on the first reel are already in place on the second set and the player is awarded 1-3 spins. Wilds are only sticky on the newest set of reels. 3 more scatters unlocks the next set of reels copying the wilds from the previous window.


Not much has changed in the base game or the aesthetics of the game and that is okay. The Dog House is a fan favorite and I am happy that Pragmatic has put a fresh spin on the game. Dog House dice was a little disappointing since it didn’t add anything to the games popularity and no new features. Dog House Mutihold takes the fan favorite game and adds a new bonus feature to spice things up.

Esbon’s Evaluation: 8.5/10 – “Classic look and feel with a fresh bonus”

  • The new music is as good as the original but its new so welcome.
  • Classic gameplay will keep fans happy.
  • Increased max win from most recent Pragmatic releases is welcome.

Credit: Esbon251