Conquer the Mythic Monday $1,000 Wager Race at!

Join the $1,000 Mythic Monday Wager Race at! Spin mythical slots and climb the leaderboard to win.

A wizard with a spear beside "Mythic Monday Wager Race - $1,000" text against a starlit sky.
Gear up for the Mythic Monday $1,000 Wager Race!

Step into a realm where myths spring to life and magic is at every turn—it's Mythic Monday at! Dive into an enchanting competition that not only promises excitement but also offers a grand prize pool of $1,000. Ready to experience the thrill of rivalry infused with a magical twist? Keep reading to learn how you can participate in the Mythic Monday Wager Race and possibly emerge victorious.

Event Overview

Step into the captivating world of Mythic Monday, where ancient legends and modern thrills collide in an exhilarating race for glory and treasure. At, we transform every Monday into a realm of myths, with our enchanting Wager Race that offers participants a chance to win a share of a $1,000 prize pool. This event is not just about spinning slots; it’s an adventure through thematic gameplay where every spin weaves part of a larger mythical story.

The atmosphere during the Mythic Monday Wager Race is electric, with players from around the globe competing in real-time. Our platform curates a selection of mythical-themed slots, each designed to immerse you in a narrative of gods, heroes, or mystical creatures. This thematic engagement is enhanced by the sense of community among participants—cheer for your progress, strategize your next moves, and watch as you and others ascend the leaderboard. Whether you're drawn to the lore of Norse gods, the enchantments of Celtic legends, or the mysteries of Egyptian myths, every game you play ties back to our grand thematic saga of the day.

How to Participate

Participation in the Mythic Monday Wager Race is straightforward:

  1. Sign up or log into your account.
  2. Navigate to the Mythic Monday Wager Race promotion on the homepage or promotions tab.
  3. Choose and play any slot game tagged with #mythical using any of the supported cryptocurrencies.

Remember, each wager increases your chance of climbing higher on the leaderboard, so stay active and keep betting throughout the 24-hour race period.

Scoring and Leaderboard

Your success in the Mythic Monday Wager Race is determined by how much you wager. Each bet accumulates points that propel you up the leaderboard. The more you wager, the higher your chances of securing a top spot. Keep an eye on the leaderboard updates to ensure you're on track and adjust your strategy accordingly to maintain or improve your position until the race concludes.


The prize distribution for the race is designed to reward the valor of the top participants:

  • First Place: $300
  • Second Place: $225
  • Third Place: $150

In addition to the top three prizes, a total of 25 players will receive rewards, making it possible for many to walk away with more than just the thrill of participation.

Rules and Regulations

To ensure fairness and excitement for everyone, here are the key rules to follow:

  • Only real money wagers (in crypto) contribute to your leaderboard points.
  • All prizes will be credited in cryptocurrency, at the equivalent USD values mentioned.

Be aware of the gaming fairness policies and understand that cheating or using multiple accounts could lead to disqualification.

You Are Ready For This Adventure

As the tales of old have taught us, every legend begins with a single step—or in the case of Mythic Monday, a single spin. Embark on this epic journey at where fortune favors the brave and every wager brings you closer to mythical winnings. We call upon all adventurers, dreamers, and gamers to join this grand contest where the myths of yore come to life. Compete to be among the top 25 heroes who will share the spoils of their conquests.

Your legend awaits you at the Mythic Monday Wager Race. Embrace the spirit of competition, relish the camaraderie of fellow players, and may the luck of the mythical gods be with you. We eagerly anticipate celebrating your achievements and hope to greet you as one of the champions at the pinnacle of our leaderboard. Forge your path to glory—let the myths inspire your plays, and let your plays immortalize your name in the annals of history!

Claim Your Destiny

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