Weekly News Flash 06/16/2023

Weekly News Flash 06/16/2023


In the constantly fluctuating world of crypto gambling, every roll of the dice or spin of the reel can be an exhilarating adventure. That's the thrill that keeps players returning to Pragmatic Play, one of the pioneers of the industry. Their slots have rewarded players with tremendous payouts, and this week, two players reaped these benefits in an extraordinary fashion.

In the first grand slam, Aidoken, an avid player on Pragmatic Play's 'Eye of Cleopatra', took a bold leap of faith. He wagered 0.04481434 Litecoins, an unconventional bet that caught everyone by surprise. The seemingly trivial wager, valued at a little under $3.5, turned into a gold mine when he hit the game's 3200x multiplier. In an extraordinary turn of events, Aidoken found themself pocketing a whopping 143.40588 Litecoins, translating to an astonishing payout of $10,447.12.

From the shadowy corridors of Cleopatra's pyramid to a vibrant fruit-themed universe, another player made headlines in the crypto gambling world. The user, known by the handle Ishisensei, wagered a modest 2.00 USDC on Pragmatic Play's popular 'Fruit Party' slot.

In a twist that echoes the sentiment of Aidoken's fortune, Ishisensei hit the extraordinary 5000x multiplier. The screen exploded into a riot of colors as fruits made way for winnings, raining down a sweet victory. The 2.00 USDC wager transformed into a stunning 10,000 USDC bounty - a neat sum of $10,000.

These exhilarating victories are not just a testament to Pragmatic Play's engaging gameplay, but also a testament to the unpredictable nature of crypto gambling. They exemplify the dreams of every digital gambler: to transform small wagers into life-changing windfalls. As the world of crypto gambling continues to evolve, the stories of Aidoken and Ishisensei serve as a reminder that the possibility of winning big is just a spin away.



As the week winds down and leisure time is on the horizon, casino enthusiasts prepare for a rollicking weekend brimming with exciting promotions and thrilling gaming experiences. The much-anticipated Fire Friday, Safari Saturday, and Sweet Sunday are back with a bang, each promising a unique encounter that's sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

In an unexpected turn of events, Fire Friday's wager race is proving to be a bit too fiery this time around. In a spectacle not seen before, some of the slots earmarked for the promotion caught fire, making them unplayable. The casino operators were left with no option but to dial the fire department. As of the latest update, the brave firefighters are still working tirelessly to extinguish the blaze. Despite this mishap, Fire Friday lived up to its reputation, and is ready to leave players with a memorable experience.

However, the excitement doesn't stop there. Safari Saturday is revving up for a points race, the likes of which have never been seen before. The stakes have been upped, and the hunting grounds have expanded. The air is thick with anticipation as new slots are set to be introduced into the mix. Gaming enthusiasts, keep your eyes peeled for a fresh and thrilling game.

Finally, as the weekend draws to a close, the Sweet Sunday wager race promises to be the cherry on top. Things are about to get even sweeter with the addition of new tantalizing candy pieces to the gameplay. But be warned, players, don't let your sweet tooth get the better of you. Linger too long with your hand in the jar, and you might just miss out on the best prizes.

This weekend is slated to be an adrenaline-packed roller coaster ride with an array of surprises in store. Make sure to strap in and hold on tight because these promotions promise a wild ride, where anything can happen and probably will!


The digital space is all abuzz with excitement this week as the long-anticipated giveaway challenge kicked off yesterday, promising nail-biting moments and outstanding rewards for the brave.

As part of the week's riveting Telegram Challenge, participants are plunged into the enchanting world of the slot game, 'Floating Dragon - Dragon Boat Festival'. The rules of engagement are simple yet thrilling: capture a win, regardless of the amount, in a screenshot and post it in the Telegram group with the hashtag #BoatFestival.

This challenge is unique because it's not just the size of your win that matters, but also your staying power. The lucky player whose name remains unscathed on our innovative "Survivor's Wheel" on Tuesday's live Discord event will take home a cool $100. Think of it as a digital gladiator's arena where the last name standing is the victor. The suspense is real - who will outlast all others on the Survivor's Wheel?

But the excitement doesn't stop there. This Saturday, Twitter will be the playground for another exhilarating giveaway. Three lucky participants stand to win $20 each in a grand giveaway totaling $60.

With these thrilling challenges running through the weekend up to Monday, you've ample opportunities to try your luck.

As this weekend morphs into a virtual festival of fortune and fun, be sure to keep those notifications on and your eyes peeled. These exhilarating challenges might just transform an ordinary weekend into a spectacular one. Dive in and let the games begin - the bountiful rewards could be yours for the taking!



As the hours tick by and the anticipation heightens, this week's 'Beat the Boss' competition seems to be at fever pitch, following a record-shattering performance by zacenergy, also known as Zac. Last Monday, Zac made an unbelievable hit with a whopping 533x multiplier on 'Money Mansion'.

Zac's audacious victory seems all the more incredible as, at the time of writing, only two chippers, from the community, have been able to surpass this multiplier. But with just over three days left until the competition's deadline, participants have their eyes firmly set on the prize, as they hope to dethrone Zac from his lofty position.

The 'Beat the Boss' contest has always been known for its ability to bring the community together, but this week's developments seem to have taken the stakes to an entirely new level. The drama, the exhilaration, and the spirit of friendly rivalry all coalesce into an intoxicating atmosphere that keeps players and spectators alike hooked.

And now, as the clock counts down to the next round where, Ohmzz, known off-screen as Ted, will take the reins. He is scheduled to stream his gameplay next Monday at 9pm UTC, and the anticipation is palpable.

'Beat the Boss' is more than just a promotion. It's a spectacle, a clash of strategies, a test of nerves, and most importantly, a celebration of the vibrant, passionate community that makes it all possible. As the competition intensifies, all eyes remain glued to the screens, the stakes are high, and the countdown has begun.

Whether you're a seasoned participant or a casual spectator, this Monday's session with Ted is one you won't want to miss. Who knows, we might just witness an unprecedented record. Buckle up, because this is going to be one thrilling ride!


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