Weekly News Flash 08/25/2023

Weekly News Flash 08/25/2023


Get ready to be dazzled by this week's extraordinary wins at Chips.gg! Our players have been on a winning streak that's nothing short of spectacular:

First up, we have the unstoppable lilounette, who lit up the reels with some remarkable victories. In the thrilling Sugar Rush by Pragmatic Play, lilounette placed a bet of 269.070361898663 TRON and experienced an astonishing multiplier of x890.1. This impressive feat led to a jaw-dropping win of 239,499.529126 TRON, totaling an incredible $17,799.61! But the excitement didn't stop there—lilounette continued their winning spree with not one, but two big wins on the same day. In the captivating Juicy Fruits by Pragmatic Play, they placed a bet of 322.795154354733 TRON and secured a thrilling multiplier of x443.77, resulting in a win of 143,246.805648 TRON, amounting to a fantastic $10,657.56!

Our player SamQc also made waves with their sensational victories. In the mighty Buffalo King by Pragmatic Play, SamQc bet 0.000765828703BTC and achieved a remarkable multiplier of x347, leading to a win of 0.26574256BTC, which translates to $6,948.63! And that's not all—SamQc's winning spree continued with another big win on the same slot the following day. With a bet of 0.000765111206BTC and a multiplier of x315, they secured a win of 0.24101003BTC, totaling $6,301.86!

But the spotlight doesn't end there. Our player johnnystone took the excitement to a whole new level with a whopping 9 big wins across 3 different slots. With 6 victories from Coin Volcano by 3oaks, 1 win from Big Bass Amazon Xtreme by Pragmatic Play, and 2 wins from Tiger Gems by 3oaks, johnnystone's multipliers ranged from x101 to x213. The grand total? An astonishing cash prize of $64,109.05, all achieved within the same remarkable day!

These wins are a testament to the electrifying nature of online gaming at Chips.gg. Each spin holds the potential for incredible triumphs, and our players are taking the reels by storm. Don't miss out on your chance to experience the thrill of victory and claim your own life-changing prizes. Join us at Chips.gg and let the winning adventures begin!



Get ready for another weekend packed with exciting promotions at Chips.gg! Here's what's in store for you:

Fired-Up Friday: Ignite your gaming experience with our Fired-Up Friday! Play scorching hot slots for a chance to win a share of the $1,000 prize pool.

Safari Saturday: Embark on a wild adventure with Safari Saturday. Achieve a 25x multiplier or more on featured slots to earn points and compete for a piece of the $1,000 prize pool.

Sweet Sunday: Indulge your sweet tooth with Sweet Sunday. Spin the reels of featured slots, climb the leaderboard, and claim your share of the $1,000 prize pool.

Join us for a weekend filled with fun and rewards! With so much to see and do, you'll never want to leave!



Let's keep the excitement rolling with our Social Media Giveaways at Chips.gg! Here's the latest scoop:

Telegram Challenge Recap: Last week, our Telegram challenge featured Crystal Catcher by Push Gaming. A big shoutout to our 10 lucky winners who shared the $100 prize pool: crazytimemaster, Nik, Lucas, old kitty, mohona, filipo, jam, jeanna aka trouble, Amelia, and L.A. Your wins rocked!

This Week's Challenge: Get ready for a prehistoric adventure as we dive into Dinopolis by Push Gaming for our Telegram challenge this week. Capture your winning moment and share it on our Telegram channel with the hashtag #FossilChips. You could be one of the 2 lucky winners walking away with a $100 prize pool!

Join the fun on Telegram and get your shot at winning fantastic rewards. It's time to showcase your gaming prowess and claim those prizes!


A round of applause for zacenergy, who emerged as the boss with an impressive 1032x multiplier on Generous Jack from Push Gaming during Monday's Beat the Boss Discord Stream. But the excitement doesn't stop there because now, it's your turn to take on the boss and claim your spot in the winner's circle. Achieve the highest multipliers on the leaderboard and beat the boss's target multiplier of 1032x to secure a cash prize. Beat the Boss is still in full swing, and you could be the next lucky winner to grab a piece of the $1000 prize pool!

Join the competition and show off your gaming skills for a chance to win big!


Exciting news, fellow Chippers! The Vault is calling, and it's just 33 days away from being unlocked. Keep playing, keep winning, and get ready to grab those rewards when the countdown hits zero. Your next adventure awaits – let's make those days count!