Weekly News Flash 06/23/2023

Weekly News Flash 06/23/2023


In a thrilling week of monumental wins, two gamblers, known by their online handles 'Johnnystone' and 'Sussu', hit the jackpot at Chips.gg.

Johnnystone got the ball rolling with an epic win on Stormforged by Hacksaw Gaming. The player astoundingly hit a 462x multiplier, turning a bet of just 0.02314761 Ethereum into a staggering 10.69419582 Ethereum. With the current value of Ethereum, Johnnystone's payout amounted to an impressive $20,546.63.

The crypto casino's pulse quickened as another player, Sussu, rode a wave of luck on Wanted Dead or a Wild, another popular game from Hacksaw Gaming. Sussu managed to strike a jaw-dropping 1112.50x multiplier, changing their 0.00803587 Ethereum bet into a fantastic 8.93990774 Ethereum pay-out. When converted to USD, the earnings for Sussu hit a solid $17,176.14.

"These games are designed to excite, entertain, and offer players the chance at big winnings," said a representative from Chips. "We are thrilled to witness our users hit these high multipliers and earn substantial payouts."

The wins from Johnnystone and Sussu underscore the unpredictable and exhilarating nature of online crypto gambling. Chips, with its assortment of games powered by top developers like Hacksaw Gaming, is creating a captivating space for players to try their luck and potentially reap substantial rewards.

As we move into another week of high-stakes action, gamblers around the globe will undoubtedly be inspired by these victories and try to score their big win on Chips’ diverse range of games.

The recent winning streak has sent ripples of excitement through the Chips community, reminding players that the next big win might just be a spin away. The thrill of crypto gambling continues to draw players, fueled by these spectacular wins and the promise of more to come.



The stakes are high and the games are fresh this weekend at Chips, the crypto gambling hotspot, as we launch into two exciting events: Fresh Friday Wager Race and the Wealthy Weekend Points Race.

Starting today, the Fresh Friday Wager Race is on, featuring a collection of the latest and greatest slot games. The new slots include Lord Venom, Mighty Masks, Pirates Pub, Gluttony, and Floating Dragon - Dragon Boat Festival, all offering players a thrilling gambling experience paired with innovative features and impressive graphic designs.

The Fresh Friday event not only gives players the chance to be among the first to test out these new games but also ups the competitive ante with a wager race. Participants will go head-to-head in these fresh games, vying for victory and the chance to be crowned as the Friday champion.

But that's not all. The adrenaline-pumping action continues into the weekend with the Wealthy Weekend Points Race. This event, happening on both Saturday and Sunday, offers a whopping $2,000 in prize money. The competition is sure to be fierce as players earn points to climb the leaderboard, with the top players sharing the significant prize pool.

"The Wealthy Weekend Points Race is a crowd favorite, bringing out the competitive spirit in our players," said a Chips representative. "The $2,000 prize pool adds an exciting layer to the gameplay, with players eager to rise to the challenge and secure their share of the prize."

Chips.gg is once again proving to be a trendsetter in the crypto gambling industry, offering a dynamic gaming environment coupled with lucrative promotions. With the Fresh Friday Wager Race and Wealthy Weekend Points Race, the coming days are set to be full of excitement and potential big wins for players.

Whether you're a fan of the slots or enjoy the thrill of climbing the leaderboard, there's something for everyone this weekend at Chips. Join the action, experience the new games, and you could be the next big winner!


Yesterday marked the beginning of another week of innovative promotions at Chips. The latest event is the $100 Telegram Challenge, adding a social media twist to the exciting gaming experience.

This week's slot for the challenge was Hex, an enigmatic game that always delivers a spellbinding experience. Participants are tasked with hitting any win and posting a screenshot in the Chips Telegram channel. By adding the hashtag #MagicBook to their post, players get their names added to the intriguing 'survivor wheel'.

This wheel is not just for show, but a chance to land in the top 4 and win a tidy sum of $25. This weekly challenge is another example of how Chips is utilizing popular social media platforms to make their gaming experience more engaging and social.

Speaking of social media, there's a hint of a storm brewing on Chips.gg's Twitter feed. A cryptic post suggests a 'big giveaway' happening this Saturday. The details are still under wraps, keeping the anticipation and excitement at an all-time high among the community.

"We don't want to give it away just yet," a Chips.gg representative shared with a mischievous grin, "but we encourage our players to stay tuned to our Twitter feed for an announcement they won't want to miss."

So, whether you're already a part of the Chips family or looking to join, this is an excellent time to get involved. Keep an eye on their social channels, join the fun, and remember: the next big win could be just a spin away!



The pulse-pounding excitement of Chips unique "Beat the Boss" event continued this past week, as 'Ted', also known by his online handle @ohmzz, took on the challenge. Ted took a shot at the boss's reigning position with a robust 251x hit on Stormforged by Hacksaw Gaming, demonstrating his formidable prowess in the game.

This intense battle added another riveting chapter to the ongoing saga of the "Beat the Boss" challenge, keeping players on the edge of their seats.

Zac will return to host "Beat the Boss" this upcoming Monday, this time armed with the mysterious "Bort" button. The exact nature of the "Bort" button remains under wraps, adding an extra layer of suspense to the upcoming event.

"Beat the Boss" has become a flagship event for Chips, drawing players from all over to take on the challenge. It not only engages the community with a unique, high-stakes competition but also provides players a chance to test their skills against the 'boss', adding a personal touch to the online gaming experience.

As Zac braces to defend his title once again, the entire Chips community is buzzing with anticipation. Players, old and new, are invited to tune in and witness the clash first-hand. And who knows? Maybe this time, we'll witness a new boss reigning supreme.


By the time you receive this message, the highly anticipated Vault will be unlocked in just 6 days and 12 hours. Don't miss out on locking up your Chips tokens!