Ultimate Solo Laner vs Peak Teamfighting! | LPL News

Ultimate Solo Laner vs Peak Teamfighting! | LPL News

Dark Horses OMG and BLG to Face Off, Who Will Come Out on Top?

In the LPL Spring Playoff Loser's Bracket, OMG and BLG will face off against each other.

As dark horse teams, both have defeated strong teams in the first two rounds, but failed to challenge the top two teams. A matchup in the loser's bracket means one of the dark horse teams will be eliminated in fourth place.

In the match against JDG, BLG's top laner Bin chose aggressive champions in all five games of the lane phase, suppressing JDG's top laner 369. Meanwhile, Xun and Yagao's jungle-mid combination repeatedly gained advantages in lane phase, and even ELK was able to hold his own against Ruler.

In the match against EDG, OMG's top laner Shanji was even targeted with five bans in one game, and his pressure-resistant champions were also suppressed by Ale in three games. However, in the final game, Shanji still showed impressive skills on the offensive champion, and Aki and Creme's tempo in the jungle was not as strong as Jiejie and FoFo's, but they excelled in teamfights and Able's lane was suppressed by Leave.

Both teams have very distinct styles. So, what do you think will be the score when OMG faces off against BLG, and who will be sent home?