Release the Inner Warrior in you with Sword of Shoguns!

Release the Inner Warrior in you with Sword of Shoguns!

Title: Sword of Shoguns

Developer: Thunderkick

Reels: 6

Rows: 7

Paylines: 5040

RTP: 96.4%

Max Win: 25,200x

Volatility: High

Min/Max Bet: 0.10/10

Release Date: June 7, 2023

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Slot Overview

In a world where swords have transformed from weapons to revered relics, Thunderkick invites you on an epic journey to the Far East. Prepare to step into the shoes of a fearless warrior and challenge the mightiest shogun. The game's backdrop sets the scene with a majestic mountain landscape, its pagoda-like reels surrounded by ancient trees. As you wield your sword, the path to victory lies in unlocking expanding symbols during free spins, promising prizes that can soar up to an astonishing 25,200 times your starting bet! With ever-changing reel heights offering up to 5040 ways to win, the battle for supremacy awaits in the Sword of Shoguns slot.

Thunderkick's Sword of Shoguns stands out as a game-changer in the slot universe. Featuring 6 reels and a dynamic range of 2 to 7 rows, this slot employs a mechanism akin to the popular Megaways concept. However, it adds its own twist—a specific symbol arrangement creating an impressive 5040 ways to win. Whether you're a high-stakes player or prefer to tread cautiously, the game caters to all, with bets ranging from a modest $0.10 to a maximum of $10.

The game's versatility extends to its Return to Player (RTP) rates. With four options available, the default RTP sits comfortably at 96.15%. But the game operators can tailor the experience, offering players the chance to explore different volatility levels with RTPs of 94%, 92%, or 90%. And speaking of volatility, Sword of Shoguns doesn't shy away from the action, with its high volatility setting setting the stage for wins that can skyrocket up to a jaw-dropping 25,200 times your original bet.

Slot Features

As you step into the realm of Sword of Shoguns, you'll encounter a captivating array of symbols, each holding the potential for riches beyond imagination. The lower-paying symbols, the trusty companions of numbers 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A, form the backbone of the game. With a skillful arrangement, landing six identical ones can yield rewards ranging from 1X to 1.3X your initial bet.

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However, it's the higher-paying symbols that truly steal the show, embodying the essence of shogun prowess. Adorned in vibrant hues of blue, turquoise, green, purple, and orange, each symbol carries an aura of significance. Achieving a winning combination with six of these symbols can transform your fortune, granting payouts from 2X to 5X your bet. Keep a keen eye out for the pinnacle of this arsenal—the highest paying symbol. When two of these icons grace your reels, they award a payout of 0.5X your bet, a reward worthy of the most skilled warrior.

In the heart of the gameplay stands the sword symbol, a dualistic emblem of both the scatter and wild. With three swords aligned, the gateway to the bonus game is unlocked, ushering in a world of additional features and potential rewards. So, let's dive into these exciting features that Sword of Shoguns offers, ready to enchant players with its thrill:

Random Reel Heights: Prepare for the unexpected as the game's dynamic reels reveal a random array of 2 to 7 icons on each spin. This innovative design ensures a staggering 5040 ways to win, igniting anticipation and a healthy dose of unpredictability with every spin.

Sword of Shoguns Bonus Game: Land three Sword symbols during the base game and unlock the portal to the Sword of Shoguns Bonus Game. Here, 5 to 12 free spins await, the number determined by the whims of fate. For those fortunate enough to retrigger this bonus, an additional 3 to 7 free spins are bestowed. During these free spins, one regular symbol is handpicked to take on the role of the Expanding symbol. With the potential for up to four Expanding symbols simultaneously, the chance of reaping substantial rewards multiplies exponentially.

An Orchestra of Expanding Symbols: As the bonus rounds unfold, the column heights that once dominated remain active, an unyielding foundation for your potential triumphs. Watch as the chosen Expanding symbols stretch to cover entire reels, their presence intensifying if they contribute to winning combinations. Here's the twist—these unique icons don't need to be adjacent to each other to trigger a win, opening a world of possibilities for profitable exploits.

Buy Bonus: For those who refuse to wait, the Buy Bonus option beckons. This choice empowers you to instantly embark on the Sword of Shoguns free spins by investing 3 times your current stake. As a cherry on top, the RTP (Return to Player) escalates to 96.40% during this feature, providing a shortcut to the heart-pounding bonus gameplay.

Slot Verdict

This game boasts a visual spectacle that's hard to ignore, immediately piquing my curiosity. The reel setup is like a well-crafted puzzle, delivering the charm of Megaways without being identical. With up to 5,040 ways to win lighting up each spin, I can feel the adrenaline rise – every spin is a surprise waiting to be unwrapped.

Now, let's talk about those expanding symbols. Up to four of these bad boys can grace the screen during free spins, and let me tell you, it's like adding secret ingredients to an already delicious recipe. They expand, they multiply, and they promise big wins, turning each free spin into a mini-epic saga. And who wouldn't love the thought of hauling in up to 25,200 times your initial bet? That's not just a win; that's a roaring victory cry.

But, as they say, no game is without its quirks. For one, Sword of Shoguns isn't packing a progressive jackpot. That might disappoint the jackpot chasers out there, but hey, not every game needs one, right? The betting range, while decent, might not be everyone's cup of tea. If you're a high roller ready to go all-in, you might find the limits a bit tight. And, let's be honest, this game isn't for everyone. If you're not into the whole Shogun era vibe, the visuals might not resonate as much.

So, where does the sword fall on the scales? Sword of Shoguns isn't pulling any punches. It's like a grand martial arts showdown with every spin, offering a potent blend of excitement and rewards. The visuals are as sharp as the blade itself, and the potential wins could make your heart race faster than a samurai charging into battle. Despite a few misses, this game knows how to deliver a memorable gaming experience, whether you're a fan of feudal Japan or just someone looking for some intense slot action.

Chips Stack Rating: 9 out of 10!
"Unsheath your spins and slice through the journey for ancient wins!”