ReefPop | Slot Preview

ReefPop | Slot Preview

ReefPop | AvatarUX

Release Date: March 10th, 2023

Provider: AvatarUX

Volatility: High

Reels: 6

Paylines: Up to 262,144

Min/Max Bet: $.20/$100

Max Win: 10,000x

RTP: 96.00%

AvatarUX is best known for their iconic “Pop” games. With the first release back in April 2020, PopRocks, they have gone all-in on the idea and players keep coming back for more. While each game has its own unique identity, they all have a similar play style and feel.

The Basics

ReefPop opens to an aquatic background akin to Atlantis. Low paying symbols have seaweed, shells, coral, and other underwater decoration. Premium symbols are comprised of pirate-like sea creatures that range from pufferfish to greatwhite sharks. There are no wilds or scatters in this variant. Single paylines range from 0.1x to 3x. As with all other games in the series, paylines are left-to-right and right-to-left. Each connection brings in more symbols as well as grows the reels for each reel that has a connecting symbol.

Bonus Round

If all of the reels reach a height of 6 (2 connected symbols per reel) the bonus is awarded. Fans of the previous games will see the similarities between Reefpop and Papaya pop. Players are offered the chance to gamble the starting paylines up to 46,656. Losing the gamble will lose the bonus all together. The bonus is 3 free spins that reset to 3 every time a connection is made. The global multiplier increases every spin, so getting those spin resets are important to get that multiplier up to insane levels.

The main difference that ReefPop brings to the series is the “Super Pay” symbol that the bonus offers. The top symbol, the great white shark, gets its own multiplier added and the height of the multiplier is determined by the number of great white’s on the screen(2 sharks 2x multiplier, 10 sharks 10x multiplier, etc).

Where available players can buy the bonus for 100x the base bet amount and can gamble or take the base amount or ways offered. Players are also offered the chance to buy the 46,656 ways bonus without gambling for 400x their base bet amount.


I love Pop games. I love AvatarUX. I understand that Pop is the gimmick that they have gone all in on, BUT I would really like to see more from them as a provider. AvatarUX has cemented their place in the online community and now is the time to take a chance on something new or at the very least a new twist on the Pop series.

Score: 6.5/10 – “If you like pop games then here is another one”

  • The aesthetics and animations are great as always.
  • The game is still fun, if not unique.
  • AvatarUX really needs to make a push for something new.

    Credit: Esbon251