News Flash 19/05/2023

News Flash 19/05/2023


In an absolutely electrifying display of good fortune and betting prowess, two chipper players made headlines this week at Chips. Their impressive wins on popular games Pug Life and Reactoonz have set the community abuzz, sparking a wave of renewed enthusiasm and vigor among the virtual gaming community.

The first big win of the week arrived courtesy of a skilled streamer known by the moniker 'ChoveKiPeu'. The game of choice? The exciting Pug Life, developed by the masters at Hacksaw Gaming. ChoveBiPeu, known for their strategic gaming approach, placed a bet of a modest 0.0005597 bitcoin and, in a stunning turn of events, hit an astonishing multiplier of 1204.14. The result was nothing short of a jackpot, catapulting their bet to a colossal win of 0.67395522 bitcoin. The digital air was thick with anticipation as the multiplier climbed, and when it finally halted, the magnitude of ChoveKiPeu's victory left fellow chippers awestruck.

The crypto casino magic didn't stop there. A second major win was scored on the popular Play'n Go creation, Reactoonz. An anonymous degen, who chose to keep their identity under wraps, made a relatively humble bet of 10 tether. The game's RNG seemed to smile upon them, as they landed an eye-watering multiplier of 1567.80. The chipper's meager bet ballooned into a staggering 15,678 tether, a return that most could only dream of achieving.

As the anonymous player's win became public, the Chips community buzzed with excitement, adding to the allure and mystery of the game. The magnitude of the win has given many other players hope that they, too, could be next to hit a significant multiplier and claim a windfall.

This week's wins serve as a clear testament to the thrilling unpredictability and potential profitability of online crypto casino gaming. The digital landscape of Chips continues to surprise and delight its players, offering a thrilling gaming experience unlike any other. As the crypto world witnesses these monumental wins, the appeal of the casino's vast array of games has never been stronger.

These victories echo the sentiment that any bet, no matter how small, has the potential to turn into a life-changing win. As we look forward to the next round of games, the question on everyone's mind is: "Who will be the next big winner at"



This weekend Chips is set to ignite the virtual gaming world with an explosive line-up of promotions. Dubbed Fire Friday, Safari Saturday, and Sweet Sunday, these promotions will offer an adrenaline-charged weekend of fun and rewards to its dedicated chippers.

Fire Friday is poised to kick off the weekend with a scorching wager race. Chippers can turn up the heat by spinning the reels of fiery slots like "Fire Strike," "Fire Hopper," "Fire Toad," "Hot Fiesta," "Hot Spin Megaways," "Sizzling Spins," "Queen of Fire," and "Sizzling Spins." With a sizzling prize pool of $1000 up for grabs, the competition promises to be as fierce as the flames themselves.

As the embers of Fire Friday die down, Safari Saturday roars into action. This points race invites players to journey into the wild with a selection of safari-themed slots, including "Safari King," "Photo Safari," "African Elephant," "African Fortune," "The Wildlife," "Buffalo King," and "Rhino Holdnspin." With another $1000 in the kitty, chippers will be vying to outrun each other in this wild race.

The weekend culminates with the sweetest of all - Sweet Sunday. This day is dedicated to a delightful wager race featuring the sugar-coated slots: "Sweet Bonanza," "Sweet Win," "Candy Island Princess," "Chocolates," "Sugar Rush," and "Sweet Alchemy." Players will have the chance to indulge their sweet tooth and possibly walk away with a share of the delicious $1000 prize pool.

In addition to these daily themes, has teamed up with an array of popular streamers to bring even more excitement to the weekend. These collaborations will see multiple promotions running concurrently, each one offering an exciting opportunity for chippers to bolster their winnings.

With this exciting line-up of promotions, Chips continues to provide chippers with a dynamic gaming experience.

As the weekend approaches, chippers are already lining up to take part in these exciting promotions. The question on everyone's mind is: who will walk away with the weekend's biggest rewards? Join the fun at Chips and that lucky player could be you!


For the Telegram community, Chips has unleashed a fun-filled challenge over the weekend. This contest invites chippers to play the ever-popular slot game, "The Dog House". Players who manage to hit an 80x multiplier or more are encouraged to take a screenshot of their victory and post it in the Telegram group with the hashtag #16inDogYears. This not only shows off their winning moment but also enters them into a "last chipper standing" wheel spin competition. The last player left in the spin-off will fetch a cool $50 - a treat that any dog, or player, would love to chase.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, Chips hosted two riveting giveaways. The first was a lucky draw that promised three random participants a sweet $50 in chips. The second contest tested the gaming knowledge of the Twitter community. Chippers were given a sneak peek of a game background and tasked with guessing the game it belonged to. The lucky ones who guessed correctly were in the running for an additional $50 reward.

The response to both the Twitter giveaways was overwhelming, with participants flooding the threads with their entries and guesses. If you missed out on these fantastic opportunities, don't fret! Chips has confirmed that more Twitter giveaways are on the horizon next week, so keep your eyes peeled and notifications on.

These social media contests are part of Chips ongoing mission to foster a vibrant and engaged gaming community, offering fun, interactive ways for chippers to connect with each other and with the platform.

These exciting giveaways highlight the unique and inclusive experience that Chips provides for its players. With the blend of fun games, interactive challenges, and generous rewards, it's no wonder that the casino continues to draw in and thrill players from across the globe. Who will be the next lucky winner? Stay tuned to Chips social media platforms to find out!



In a thrilling display of betting finesse, last week saw the Chips Boss challenge chippers to beat their high multipliers, turning the virtual casino floor into a battlefield.

First up was Viktor, the chips discord favorite, who set a formidable 471 multiplier on the popular slot game, Midnight Marauder. In an intense showdown, only six daring chippers managed to overcome Viktor's multi. The top three victors didn't just walk away with bragging rights; they also bagged a substantial share of the winnings.

Now, it's time for a new challenge. This week, Ted, another mastermind from the Chips team, has upped the ante. With a stroke of luck and a keen eye for opportunity at the last moment, he struck a whopping 516 multiplier on Starlight Princess. With a few more days left to top the leaderboard, chippers across the platform are betting to knock Ted off his perch and claim a share of the tantalizing $1000 purse.

The Chips Beat the Boss Challenge are not just about the exciting gameplay and the lucrative prize pool; they're about the spirit of competition, the thrill of the chase, and the joy of overcoming a formidable adversary. Each chipper stepping up to the challenge knows that they're not just playing against the boss; they're playing against every other chipper on the platform. The leaderboard is live, and every spin could change the game.

As we look forward to the weekend, the anticipation builds for the next boss to step into the arena. Who will it be, and what high multiplier will they set? All eyes will be on the Chips discord this Sunday as the next boss reveals their hand. The question on everyone's mind is: who will rise to the challenge, beat the boss, and walk away with a hefty share of the $1000 prize pool?

Stay tuned to to witness this exciting showdown unfold!


By the time you receive this message, the highly anticipated Vault will be unlocked in just 41 days and 12 hours. Don't miss out on locking up your Chips tokens!