Cast Your Luck with Net Gains

Cast Your Luck with Net Gains
The old gang is back!

Title: Net Gains

Developer: Relax Gaming

Reels: 6

Rows: 4

Paylines: 4,096

RTP: 96.10%

Hit Freq: 27.04%

Max Win: 15,000x

Volatility: High (5/5)

Min/Max Bet: 0.10/60

Release Date: December 6, 2022

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Net Gains: Slot Overview

Net Gains is one of the latest online slot title from Relax Gaming, created in collaboration with the casino streaming community Casinogrounds. This is the third collaboration between the two companies, following the success of IronBank in 2020 and Beast Mode in 2022. In this deep sea adventure, players join a group of anthropomorphic animals as they set off from Venice Beach in search of treasure on the high seas.

Read between the lines

The game is set on a boat offshore, where players catch up with the Lion character and his friends – the Shark, Croc, and Rhino – as they dangle traps overboard to collect sea life. The audiovisual presentation is impressive, and while the graphics may not be as detailed as previous Relax Gaming titles, the feel-good tunes and positive vibes more than make up for it. The game is highly volatile, with a 5 out of 5 rating in this regard.

Net Gains offers players several ways to play the game. The standard approach is to pick a bet of 10 p/c to $/€60 per spin and tap away on the play button. Players may also activate the Special Bet, which increases the spin cost by 20% while increasing the chance of triggering the bonus round by 82%. Finally, where available, players can buy bonus round access for the cost of 100x the stake. The RTP is dependable, coming in at 96.1% when playing regularly and increasing to 96.5% for the feature buy.

The action in Net Gains takes place on a 5-reel, 4-row matrix, providing 4,096 ways to win. Winning ways occur when matching symbols land from the first reel, left to right, over consecutive reels. To form a winning way, at least three-of-a-kind symbols are needed, while six-of-a-kinds pay out between 0.6-1.2x for the 10-A card symbols and 2 to 25 times the bet for the chests, liquor bottles, octopi, crabs, or lion premiums. Winning ways are removed from the board when they hit, allowing symbols to cascade down into the gaps. If a new win is created after the symbols drop, the cascade process repeats. Finally, shark wilds appear on reels 2-6 and can replace any normal pay symbol to help complete a ways win.

Net Gains: Slot Features

Net Gains is a game that thrives on providing players with plenty of options and opportunities to win big. The game boasts three different mystery symbols, which include regular, octopus, and bomb symbols. Regular mystery symbols reveal the same symbol type, while octopus mystery symbols change the selected symbol type into mystery symbols. Bomb mystery symbols act as regular mystery symbols but also destroy any non-mystery symbol after wins are added. If two scatter symbols have already been collected, there is a chance that one mystery symbol will reveal a scatter symbol. Mystery symbols are not removed but stay on the board for the next cascade.

In addition to these mystery symbols, Net Gains also offers three different bonus rounds, which are Sticky Mystery Free Spins, Stacked Wilds Free Spins, and Coin Collection Free Spins. When players collect three scatter symbols, they trigger the free spins round, and they can choose from one of these three options. All three options offer players the chance to win big, with extra spins awarded for landing specific symbols.

Which game were these guys from again? 

Sticky Mystery Free Spins awards players five free spins where regular, octopus, or bomb mystery symbols may land on reels 2-6. After each cascade, all mystery symbols reveal the same symbol type, with octopus mystery symbols revealing a symbol type and all instances of this type in view on reels 2-6 converting to mystery symbols. Bomb mystery symbols reveal a symbol as normal but then remove any regular symbols not included in wins, converting to a regular mystery symbol afterward. Each cascade adds +1 to a meter, and with every third increment of the meter, an additional free spin is awarded, plus one mystery symbol gets added to the reels at the end of the spin.

Stacked Wilds Free Spins offers players seven free spins, with two types of wilds appearing on reels 2 to 6. One type is multiplier wilds bearing values of x2 to x5, while the other is countdown wilds that always start with a counter of 3. Each time countdown wilds are used in a win, their counter decreases by 1. They are removed from the grid if included in a win while showing a value of 1. Countdown wilds that are not removed at the end of a spin drop to the bottom of the reels in the next spin if there are any spins left.

Coin Collection Free Spins is another exciting feature that starts with eight free spins, where coin symbols may land, displaying bet multiplier values within set ranges of Bronze (1x-40x), Silver (3x-100x), and Gold (10-2,500x). A collector symbol can land on the rightmost reel on the initial spin or on cascades, and if it hits at the same time as coins, their values are awarded. Persistent collectors stay at the bottom of the grid for the remainder of the feature, collecting any coins. An additional five free spins are awarded when a persistent collector lands. If four or more coins hit, but there are no collectors, the coins are removed, and their values are stored. This stored amount is paid out if a collector lands on a future cascade on the same spin. Landed coins also add +1 to a meter, and when the meter reaches 10, an extra spin is awarded, and the ranges for each coin type are increased. After five complete collections, the range does not increase, but an extra spin will still be awarded. Lastly, it is possible for a coin rain to occur, dumping ten coins of the same type onto the reel.

Net Gains: Slot Verdict

In conclusion, Net Gains by Relax Gaming might not be the most visually stunning or elaborate game, but it packs a punch in terms of gameplay and entertainment value. With its multiple bonus rounds and exciting features like mystery symbols and wilds, Net Gains delivers plenty of thrills and opportunities to win big. While the max win is not as high as some other games, it still offers a respectable 15,000 times the bet. Overall, Net Gains is a solid addition to the Relax Gaming and Casinogrounds collaboration, offering a unique deep sea adventure theme and plenty of fun gameplay. So, grab your fishing gear and cast off with Net Gains for a chance to reel in some big wins.

The OG Lion & Co from da bank

While Net Gains offers a lot of fun gameplay and exciting features, it falls a bit short in terms of graphics and creativity compared to previous collaborations between Relax Gaming and Casinogrounds. However, it is still a highly entertaining game with plenty of opportunities to win big.

Chips Stack Rating: 7.5 out of 10 Chips
"Get ready to net some serious gains with the crew!"