MSI Lower Bracket Finals | BLG vs T1 Highlights and MSI Finals Prediction | JDG vs BLG

MSI Lower Bracket Finals | BLG vs T1 Highlights and MSI Finals Prediction | JDG vs BLG

In a stunning turn of events, BLG, the underdogs of the Lower Bracket Semifinals, emerged victorious against Gen.G with a decisive 3-0 win. This unexpected result left fans and commentators in awe. This astounding performance demonstrated BLG's ability to overcome strong opponents and raised their profile in the tournament. Now, having secured their place in the Lower Bracket Finals, BLG faced off against T1 in a highly anticipated matchup between the LPL and LCK. With T1's history of reaching the finals and the pressure on their shoulders, predictions were skewed in their favor. However, BLG once again defied expectations, winning the series 3-1 and cementing their spot in the MSI Finals. Let's delve into the highlights of this extraordinary match.

BLG vs Gen.G at an epic drake battle

After their triumph over Gen.G, BLG faced a monumental challenge in the form of T1. T1, after being defeated in the Upper Bracket Finals with JDG, now entered the Lower Bracket Finals with a point to prove, to continue their legacy, putting an additional layer of pressure on T1 and their past performances have created high expectations from the audience. On the other hand, BLG aimed to continue their momentum and secure a place in the MSI Finals.

One intriguing aspect of the BLG versus T1 matchup was the clash of playstyles. BLG, known for their unique and sometimes unorthodox draft picks, relied on their preferred champions and strategies. T1, renowned for their adaptability and strategic prowess, faced the challenge of adjusting to BLG's distinctive style. The question remained: would T1 be able to adapt effectively and counter BLG's unpredictability?


Over the course of the first three games, the series between BLG and T1 unfolded in a thrilling manner. In Game 1, BLG emerged victorious, showcasing their ability to capitalize on key moments and turn the tide in their favor. Game 2 saw BLG once again come out on top, displaying their unique strategies and focusing on empowering their AD carry, Elk. However, T1 fought back in Game 3, exhibiting their aggressive playstyle and securing a much-needed win. With the series tied at 2-1, both teams have demonstrated their strengths and adaptability, setting the stage for an intense and closely contested remaining games. The stage is set for an epic showdown as these two teams continue to battle it out for a spot in the MSI Finals.

Game 4 (The Final Game)

Game 4 banpicks

In Game 4, the action kicked off with trades between the junglers in mid and bottom lanes, resulting in a quick 2-1 score in the 4th minute. Another fight erupted in the bottom lane, and T1's Zeus teleported to assist but gained no advantage, leaving BLG's Bin in the top lane to accumulate gold and experience from a full wave of minions. As the mid game approached, a crucial drake fight unfolded. BLG's Xun soloed the drake, utilizing Kha'Zix's invisibility and leaping abilities to prevent any theft attempts from T1's Oner. Game 4 saw a more cautious approach from both teams compared to the earlier matches, with BLG playing more carefully and avoiding unnecessary turret dives. Towards the end of the game, BLG's Yagao caught T1's Gumayusi off guard, securing a kill and leading BLG to secure another drake, giving them a total of four drakes.

Shortly after, a Baron fight ensued. T1 eliminated BLG's Elk in the mid lane, providing an opportunity for T1 to contest for Baron. Despite BLG having only four members remaining, they remained determined to secure the Baron. BLG's Bin and Yagao were traded for the Baron taken by Xun. While retreating from the Baron pit, T1's Zeus pursued BLG's Xun and ON, but was caught off guard by a surprise attack from BLG's Elk, who rushed to the Baron pit after respawning from death.

Although T1 didn't see a significant disadvantage, BLG attempted to push the mid lane. However, T1's Faker saw an opening and engaged in a team fight that heavily favored T1, eliminating BLG's Elk and halting their push towards T1's base. Abruptly, the game was momentarily paused when Gumayusi accidentally toppled his drinks, providing a comedic interlude. After a brief break to clean up the mess, the game resumed. As the next Baron spawned, BLG prepared for a team fight, keeping a close eye on the whereabouts of T1's members. They caught T1's Keria at the jungle raptors, gaining a numerical advantage and securing the Baron with ease. With the Baron buff, BLG pressured all lanes, pushing waves of minions into T1's base. At this point, T1's only hope was to secure the Elder Drake, but in the back-and-forth fight for the Elder Drake, BLG's Elk dealt massive damage to T1's team, resulting in T1's complete collapse and defeat. BLG wasted no time, swiftly rushing to T1's base to secure their victory.

Game 4 Win/Loss Table

Conclusion and Predictions

The MSI matchup between BLG and T1 has been a rollercoaster of intense battles and surprising outcomes. With BLG emerging victorious in Game 4, the series ended with a 3-1 win in favor of BLG. This result has left fans of T1 saddened by the absence of any LCK teams in the finals. This year, the LPL teams have taken the spotlight at MSI, showcasing their dominance in the competition.

JDG and BLG, the top two teams from LPL Spring 2023, have secured their spots in the MSI Finals. Each team brings a unique approach to the game. JDG is known for their structured team fights, while BLG has displayed unpredictability and a focus on empowering their bottom lane. As familiar opponents, they are well aware of each other's strengths and weaknesses.

Looking back at their past encounter in LPL Spring 2023, JDG emerged victorious against BLG. However, this MSI presents a chance for BLG to seek revenge and turn the tables on JDG. The clash between these two formidable teams promises to be an exhilarating showdown. Be sure to check out the League of Legends MSI League of Legends MSI Upper Bracket Finals Highlight | JDG vs T1 for more insights into JDG's performance.

Based on the impressive performances of both teams in the Bracket Finals, it becomes challenging to predict the winner of MSI 2023. BLG's Elk stands out as an exceptional AD carry, while Kanavi and Ruler from JDG have showcased their skills at an all-time high. With such incredible talent on both sides, determining the ultimate victor is no easy task. In the world of League of Legends, anything can happen, and JDG and BLG are determined to leave their mark and claim the MSI championship.

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