Jamming' Jars Return in Giga Jar

Jamming' Jars Return in Giga Jar
The 3rd installment of the fan favorite slot by Push Gaming

Title: Giga Jar

Developer: Push Gaming

Reels: 7

Rows: 7

Paylines: Cluster Pays

RTP: 96.48%

Max Win: 10,000x

Volatility: Medium

Min/Max Bet: 0.10/20

Release Date: March 28, 2023

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Giga Jar: Slot Overview

Are you ready to join the funky and vibrant world of Giga Jar, the latest slot game by Push Gaming? This new release features the familiar and beloved jars from Jammin' Jars, jumping around the reels and collecting explosive multipliers. But Giga Jar takes it to a whole new level with its polished design and new features. Get ready to groove with the funky DJ and land cube-shaped fruits for potential massive wins of up to 10,000X.

One unique aspect of Giga Jar's design is the cube-shaped fruits that can land on the reels. This concept is inspired by real-life cube-shaped watermelons that have become a popular trend in Japan. By growing them in cubes, the watermelon retains its taste and takes on an eye-catching shape that can cost up to $200 each. The cohesive design of Giga Jar, featuring cube-shaped fruits and dancing jars, creates a visually stunning and immersive gaming experience.

To start playing Giga Jar Cluster Link, players can choose their bet ranging from 10c to $20 per paid game round and decide whether to activate the Ante Bet feature or not. The Ante Bet increases the stake by 80% and activates the first Wild Jar right from the start of the spin. Once the player has made their choices, they hit the play button and watch the tiles drop into a 7x7 game grid. The objective is to hit clusters of 5 or more adjacent matching symbols to create a win. If any winning clusters are formed, they are cleared from the board, and new symbols drop down to replace them. This sequence repeats itself if new wins are formed.

Giga Jar Cluster Link has a medium volatility and multiple RTP (Return to Player) settings, with the maximum RTP value being 96.48%. This slot game provides a thrilling and potentially lucrative gaming experience for players who are fans of the funky and colorful world of Jammin' Jars.

Giga Jar: Slot Features

Giga Jar is jam-packed with exciting and lucrative features that will keep players engaged and entertained. With six cuboid-shaped fruit symbols that pay out between 0.1 and 1 times your stake for clusters of at least 5 matching symbols, and the potential to win up to 500 times your stake for clusters of 16 or more matching symbols, the game provides ample opportunities for players to win big. Additionally, the Instant Prize symbol can pay out between 1 and 1,000 times your stake per symbol, as long as they are part of a cluster win.

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The Cascade feature is triggered when a winning cluster is landed, causing the symbols involved in the win to disappear and be replaced by new symbols falling down to fill the empty positions. This process continues as long as new wins are created, and each win contributes to filling up the Jar Meter. If 5 or more Instant Prize symbols appear in a cluster, their total value will be awarded as a prize, with multipliers ranging from 1X to 1000X the bet.

The Jar Meter, located to the left of the reels, tracks the player's progress towards activating different features in the game using the winnings accumulated. These features include the Giga Jar, Wild Jar, and Giga Jar multipliers, which can enhance the gaming experience and increase the chances of winning. The Wild Jar symbol functions as a wild and can substitute for other symbols to help create more winning combinations. Once earned, the Wild Jar symbol will randomly appear on the reels and jump to an adjacent vacant position after each cascade, with its multiplier increasing by 1X for each win it is a part of.

When 3 Wild Jar symbols are collected, the Giga Jar feature can be activated by achieving three consecutive cascades. The Giga Jar is a 2x2 symbol that corresponds to four 1x1 Wild Jar symbols and has a starting multiplier of 1X that increases with each win it is involved in. The feature ends when no more cluster wins occur, but there are six different levels of Giga Jar, each with a different multiplier ranging from 1X to 50X.

The Snowball feature may activate randomly when you achieve two consecutive winning cascades, but the third cascade doesn't result in a win. This feature places 1 to 2 giant symbols on the reels, which can be either 2X2, 3X3, or 4X4 in size, and can either be Instant prizes or paying symbols. The Ice Breaker feature is also triggered randomly when you have had two consecutive winning cascades but the third cascade does not create a win. When activated, the feature will remove one to three types of regular paying symbols from the reels, allowing new winning combinations to be formed.

Giga Jar: Slot Verdict

With its unique gameplay mechanics and exciting features, Giga Jar is a slot game that delivers a constant stream of action and opportunities to win big. The cascade feature, along with the Snowball and Ice Breaker features, keeps players engaged and on their toes, while the Wild Jar and Giga Jar symbols provide the potential for massive payouts. The medium volatility and frequent wins make this game accessible and enjoyable for players of all levels, while the catchy music and crisp designs add to the overall experience.

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Giga Jar is a game that players will want to come back to time and time again in pursuit of the ultimate dancefloor experience. Whether you're a fan of the Jammin' Jars series or just looking for a fun and engaging slot game, Giga Jar delivers on all fronts. So put on your dancing shoes and get ready to groove with the funky and colorful jars of Giga Jar.

Chips Stack Rating: 9.5 out of 10 Chips.
“A Dancefloor Experience Worth Revisiting"