Getting Started at

Getting Started at
Getting Started


The first time you visit you are greeted with our landing page that shows some of our available slots, supported currencies, and a live snapshot of the vault. Click either of the two “Register” buttons to get started creating your account. After clicking “Register” (or click Here now to sign up for free!), you are asked to enter a Username, Email, Password, Date of Birth and optionally a referral code. Once you have entered your information and agreed with the Terms of Service, you click Register and that’s it. You are now a member of Let’s take a look at how to make your first deposit.


Depositing at chips couldn’t be simpler with over 10 different crypto currencies currently available. To get started, click the wallet icon on the left of your screen, or click the menu icon in the top left if on mobile and then click wallet. Here, you are greeted with your current balances for each crypto currency, a deposit tab, a withdraw tab and your transaction history. Make sure deposit is selected and then choose a crypto currency from the dropdown menu that you would like to deposit. Be careful to choose the correct blockchain, as we offer multiple options for some of our crypto currencies. Now that you have selected your desired cryptocurrency, copy the deposit address and paste it in your wallet’s send to field. If depositing from a mobile wallet, you can scan the QR code on screen to populate your chips wallet address. SIDE NOTE: when depositing with Ripple (XRP) be sure to include the destination tag or your transaction may be lost. Also note the green + icon at the top of the screen near your currently selected currency. This is a quick deposit button for those that don’t want to leave their game when depositing.

That’s it! You have now made your deposit and are ready to try out any of our games and start accumulating chip tokens!


You’ve signed-up, deposited your crypto and now you’ve built up your balance winning on Back on the wallet screen, Here, you will see a withdraw tab at the top next to deposit. Click the Withdraw button and the screen below will change. Once again select your currency (and blockchain if applicable), enter your wallet address and the amount you would like to withdraw and your two-factor authentication code. Please be aware of the minimum withdraw and withdraw fee displayed under the 2FA box, as they may change with the price of the currency.

We hope this information helps you get started here at, but always feel free to check out our FAQ or ask support if you need any more help. Good luck to you all and may the Chips be forever stacked in your favor.