Events Overview

Events Overview
So many events! So little time...

Here at ChipsGG we want players to enjoy their stay. On top of VIP rewards, rake back, wheel tickets and the array of other rewards offered, we love set promotional challenges for our players. Multiplier events, wager races, points races and more! Check out below for more details on each type of promotion that you can find on ChipsGG.

Beat the Boss

Everyone loves a good challenge, and who doesn’t want to try and beat the employees and owners of their favorite casino? Every Sunday, some of our Chips Mods, Admins and sometimes the Owners themselves host a discord stream. Whoever ends up with the biggest win during that time gets the title of Boss for the week, and every patron at ChipssGG gets the chance to Beat the Boss! This week we saw a nice 788x win by Tacyarg. Do you have what it takes to challenge him?

Monthly Wager Race

Every 30 days we like to reward our players with a chance to earn a piece of $50,000! Any wager counts, whether it be on our in-house games, your favorite slots, or any live games. The top 100 players get a piece of the prize with the top prize being $15,000. Keep an eye on the promotions page as well to see what currencies are marked for a 10% wager boost each month!

Daily Wager Race

On top of every wager qualifying for the aforementioned Monthly Wager Race, every day players get to compete for slice of $1,000. Same rules apply and top 25 players win a prize of up to $300 a day.

Target Multiplier

My personal favorite promotion type to land on ChipsGG. Wager races can feel daunting for small deposit players, but anyone can get lucky at Chips! Target multiplier events work like this, a multiplier is set, let’s say 329x. The goal of this promotion is to get as close as possible to that target multiplier. A lucky player could do it with a single spin to win a prize of up to $500! The 20 players who get closest to the multiplier receive a prize as well.

Highest Multiplier

These events are similar to Beat the Boss and points races. These events can be set to a single game, provider or be set to site wide. Simply have the highest multiplier a the end of the time provided and you win! Many times, these events only have a single winner of a modest prize. Not to mention hitting the winning multiplier comes with a decent payout too!

Points Race

Points Races come in a couple varieties. It could be a modge-podge of themed games, a certain provider, or even a single game. Regardless, the rules are the same. Play a game included in the race and for every 25x or better hit you earn points. The points earned increase with higher multis up to 30 points for a 1000x or better. At the end of the event, the players with the highest point totals receive a prize.


Who doesn’t love a good raffle ticket? When there is a raffle promotion going on, every chip token you earn is an entry into the raffle. After the available time on the event, the raffle is rolled, and the winner contacted with their prize. Most recently there was a Valentin’s raffle for $1,000!

It always pays to keep an eye on the Events and Promotions page at ChipsGG. Every day new events are added and don’t forget that your favorite streamer has the ability to create events as well to garner competition within their respective communities. Good luck out there and may the Chips fall in your favor!

Credit: Esbon251