Welcomes Five Exciting New Games! launches five new games: "D-Day" offers war-themed action, "Big Bass" continues fishing adventures, "Beam Boys" blends kittens and tech, "Pop Zen" soothes with cluster pays, and "Pompeii Megareels" explores ancient history with dynamic play.

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Roll into excitement with's newest additions! 🎰🚀 From dazzling slots to thrilling live games, there's a fresh adventure for every gamer. is excited to unveil a spectacular lineup of new games, offering unparalleled adventures across historical battlefields, serene waters, cosmic frontiers, and meditative landscapes. This diverse collection, featuring creations from Nolimit City, Pragmatic Play, Hacksaw Gaming, and BGaming, brings together a rich blend of themes and mechanics designed to captivate and thrill players. Whether you're seeking the thrill of victory, the calm of nature, the excitement of space exploration, or the tranquility of zen, our latest additions promise to deliver memorable gaming experiences. Join us as we dive into the heart of action, adventure, serenity, and exploration with these fantastic new entries to the family.


by Nolimit City

Nolimit City, a pioneering force in the online slot game industry, has once again upped the ante with the release of its latest game, "D-Day." This new addition follows the quirky and engaging "Land Of The Free" and is poised to captivate players with its war-themed excitement and innovative gameplay. "D-Day" stands as a testament to Nolimit City's continued excellence in delivering high-stakes, visually stunning, and feature-rich slot experiences.

Set against the backdrop of one of the most pivotal events in World War II, "D-Day" immerses players in a high-intensity environment that combines historical themes with cutting-edge slot mechanics. The game's design and features pay homage to classic Nolimit titles like "Das xBoot" and "Pearl Harbor," but with an array of new and explosive features that elevate the gaming experience to new heights. The inclusion of Stuka, Panzer, and Howitzer features on the battle-scarred reels not only enhances the visual appeal but significantly boosts win potential, both in the base game and during the exhilarating bonus rounds.

The game's structure, a 3-4-5-4-3 setup, is enhanced by the return of the Boosted xBet® feature, offering players double the chance to enter the bonus rounds by betting an additional 30% of the base bet. This innovative approach to gameplay underscores Nolimit City's commitment to creating engaging and dynamic slot experiences that cater to a wide range of player preferences.

The excitement peaks during the bonus rounds, "Invasion Spins" and "Overlord Spins," where the game truly showcases its potential for massive wins. Before these rounds commence, players are given the opportunity to select options that reveal specific features, each guaranteed to activate at least once during the "Invasion Spins." The "Overlord Spins" round further ups the ante with four selectable features and the introduction of an Atomic Wild, which can multiply wins by up to 100x. It's within these bonus rounds that "D-Day" reveals its full potential for delivering staggering payouts, with a maximum simulated win of 55,555x the base bet.

Per Lindheimer, Head of Product at Nolimit City, encapsulates the essence of "D-Day" by highlighting the game's blend of historical inspiration and the trademark Nolimit City humor. His enthusiasm for the game is palpable, as he describes it as a product of immense pride for the team. The game not only pays homage to a significant moment in history but does so with an inventive twist that is both respectful and entertaining.

"D-Day" is labeled as "Extremely Volatile," a characteristic that is both a warning and a badge of honor. It suggests that while the game may present a formidable challenge, it also holds the promise of extraordinary rewards for those brave enough to navigate its treacherous reels. The game stands as a bold addition to Nolimit City's portfolio, offering players a thrilling and immersive experience that is as rewarding as it is challenging. With "D-Day," Nolimit City continues to demonstrate its prowess in creating slot games that are not just played but experienced.

Big Bass Floats My Boat

by Pragmatic Play


"Big Bass Floats My Boat" invites players back to the serene riverbanks where the beloved fisherman resumes his quest for the catch of the day, enhancing the legendary Big Bass series with this latest installment. This game submerges players into the familiar and tranquil waters of its 5x3 reels setup, adorned with symbols that resonate with angling enthusiasts - rods, tackle, and the charming dragonfly symbols. To net a win, players must align these symbols across the game's 10 paylines, a task that mirrors the patience and precision of fishing itself.

A unique and thrilling feature of this slot is the random occurrence during any base game spin where landed fish symbols can be collected. The instant prize displayed on these fish symbols can be multiplied by up to an impressive 50x, significantly enhancing the potential wins and adding an element of suspense with every spin.

The journey into the deeper waters of this game becomes even more enthralling when players hit at least three scatter symbols, unlocking the gateway to the free spins round. Additional scatters can increase the haul, rewarding players with up to 20 free spins. This bonus round is where the true magic of "Big Bass Floats My Boat" unfolds, introducing a dynamic gameplay element that can substantially increase the payout potential.

During the free spins, each fish symbol that lands on the reels not only offers a prize but also adds an incrementally increasing multiplier to its position. This innovative feature means that the value of prizes landed in subsequent spins can grow exponentially, simulating the escalating excitement of reeling in a big catch. Moreover, every four wild fishermen symbols landed will trigger a retrigger, awarding 10 additional spins and further opportunities to amplify the multipliers present, extending the gameplay and enhancing the chances of a significant win.

Adding to the intrigue, the game introduces an unexpected twist when a fisherman symbol lands without any fish symbols on the screen. In this scenario, an octopus emerges, transforming symbols into instant cash-awarding fish. This feature not only adds a layer of unpredictability but also ensures that the game remains engaging and rewarding, even when the catch seems elusive.

"Big Bass Floats My Boat" boasts an RTP (Return to Player) of 96.07%, positioning it as a game with a balance of risk and reward that is appealing to both casual players and slot aficionados. The game's volatility rating further indicates that while the waters may sometimes be calm, there's always the potential for a wave of wins to surge through, mirroring the volatile nature of fishing where patience can lead to a rewarding catch.

In summary, "Big Bass Floats My Boat" is more than just a continuation of the Big Bass series; it's a fresh, dynamic addition that enriches the series with its innovative features, engaging gameplay, and the promise of bountiful rewards. Whether you're casting your line for the first time or you're a seasoned angler in the world of slots, this game is sure to provide an immersive and potentially lucrative fishing expedition.

Beam Boys

by Hacksaw Gaming


Dive into the whimsical and innovative universe of "Beam Boys," a slot game where adorable kittens and laser pointers create a unique and engaging gaming experience. This game, featuring a 6-reel, 4-row layout with a ways-wins system, introduces players to a world where feline antics and cutting-edge technology converge to offer an array of winning possibilities. The introduction of the Wild Rows mechanic further elevates the gameplay, creating a dynamic and visually stimulating slot adventure.

"Beam Boys" stands out with its ability to reach a maximum win of 12,500 times the player's bet across all game modes, presenting a tantalizing prospect for players seeking substantial payouts. The game's design ingeniously integrates the charm of playful kittens with the thrill of slot gaming, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for all players.

Features Highlight:

Volatility Switch

A unique aspect of "Beam Boys" is the Volatility Switch, conveniently located outside the grid, which allows players to tailor their gaming experience to their risk preference. This feature offers the flexibility to switch between Extreme and Low volatility modes. Opting for Low Volatility means players can expect smaller wins more frequently, providing a steady gameplay experience. Conversely, selecting Extreme Volatility brings the potential for larger, albeit less frequent, wins, appealing to those who enjoy the thrill of chasing significant payouts.

Wild Rows

The Wild Rows feature introduces the Wild Laser Cat Symbols, which can appear on reels 2 to 6. When these symbols land, they unleash a laser beam across the row to the left, transforming all positions it touches, including those covered by a Wild Laser Cat Symbol, into Wild symbols. This mechanic not only adds an engaging visual effect but significantly enhances the potential for winning combinations by substituting for all symbols in the paytable.

Bonus Game

The excitement peaks with the Bonus Game, triggered by landing FS scatter symbols in the base game. The number of FS symbols determines the reward, ranging from 5 to 40 free spins, providing a scalable excitement factor that increases with more symbols. During the bonus game, landing additional FS symbols can extend the fun with extra spins, further increasing the chances of a significant win.

This bonus structure ensures that "Beam Boys" maintains a high level of engagement, as players navigate through the free spins with the anticipation of retriggering more spins and unlocking the game's full potential.

"Beam Boys" is not just another slot game; it's an inventive fusion of adorable themes and serious slot mechanics. The game's blend of a playful storyline with serious win potential, including the innovative Volatility Switch and Wild Rows features, makes it a standout addition to any slot enthusiast's playlist. Whether you're in it for the charming theme or the strategic gameplay options, "Beam Boys" promises an entertaining and potentially lucrative slot experience.

Pop Zen

by BGaming


"Pop Zen" by BGaming is a vibrant and innovative slot game that brings the calming essence of Pop It toys into the thrilling world of online slots. This game is designed around a 7x7 grid with a cluster-pay mechanism, where the aim is to form clusters of matching symbols. The refilling reels and Match-3 elements introduce a dynamic gameplay experience, filled with engaging features like Wilds, Re-spins, Big, and Backlit symbols, ensuring a constantly evolving playing field.

The game's design is inspired by the sensory satisfaction of popping bubble wraps, translated into a slot format that offers both stress relief and the excitement of potential wins. With its release date set for February 8, 2024, "Pop Zen" promises a unique slot experience characterized by its very high volatility and an RTP of 96.25%, indicating the potential for significant rewards amidst the game's unpredictable nature.

Features Highlight:

Refilling Reels

"Pop Zen" employs a refilling reels mechanism, where winning symbols are removed from the grid, allowing existing and new symbols to cascade down and fill the vacated spaces. This process can lead to multiple consecutive wins within a single spin, as new winning combinations are formed, and the cycle continues until no further wins occur.

Wilds and Respins

The Wild symbols in "Pop Zen" play a crucial role, substituting for any other symbol to form winning clusters. Unique to this game, Wilds are not affected by four additional features, enhancing their utility. Additionally, the Respin feature activates when a non-winning spin occurs, transforming a random number of symbols into Wilds and potentially triggering a Big symbol, thus recalculating the win amount and offering a second chance at victory.

Progress Bar and Waves of Wilds

A distinctive feature of "Pop Zen" is the 100-point Progress Bar, which decreases by 1 point for each winning spin. Every 25 points, a random feature is triggered, enriching the gameplay with surprises and opportunities. When the Progress Bar reaches zero, players are rewarded with three waves of Wilds, dramatically increasing the potential for substantial wins.

Buy Bonus

For those eager to directly engage with the game's rich feature set, the Buy Bonus option allows players to purchase the Pot feature at a set price, which adjusts according to the player's bet. This immediate access to advanced gameplay features offers players control over their slot experience, tailoring the excitement to their preferences.

With a hit rate of 2.08 and the capability to achieve a maximum multiplier of x12000, resulting in a maximum win of €240,000, "Pop Zen" stands out as a highly rewarding game. Its incorporation of beloved fidget toy mechanics into slot gaming creates a soothing yet exhilarating experience, making it a must-try for slot enthusiasts and newcomers alike. The game's high volatility and impressive RTP suggest that while wins may be less frequent, they have the potential to be significantly rewarding, perfectly encapsulating the zen-like balance between calm and excitement.

Pompeii Megareels Megaways

by Pragmatic Play


"Pompeii Megareels Megaways™" marks another thrilling chapter in Pragmatic Play's storied journey through the annals of slot game innovation. This game transports players to the ancient city of Pompeii, set against the ominous backdrop of Mount Vesuvius, whose impending eruption adds a layer of excitement and urgency to the gameplay. Pragmatic Play, renowned for its forward-thinking and dynamic slot creations, has once again outdone itself by integrating the Megaways™ mechanic with its own unique features, offering a gameplay experience that is as volatile as the volcano itself.

Played on a flexible six-reel format, "Pompeii Megareels Megaways™" offers an astounding 117,649 ways to win, a testament to the game's dynamic nature and the vast landscape of winning possibilities it presents. The reels are adorned with symbols that evoke the rich history and culture of ancient Rome, including emperors, armor, chariots, and other iconic imagery, each meticulously designed to immerse players in the game's thematic depth.

Feature Highlight:

Tumble Feature

The game's popular tumble feature comes into play with every winning combination, allowing symbols that contributed to a win to disappear and be replaced by a cascade of new symbols. This not only multiplies the chances of consecutive wins within a single spin but also introduces an element of unpredictability and excitement with each tumble.

Expanding Reels

Adding to the game's dynamic nature, any reel that contains a winning symbol can randomly expand, further increasing the number of ways to win and enhancing the potential for massive payouts. This feature symbolizes the unpredictable nature of the volcano itself, with the reels expanding much like the volcanic pressure builds before an eruption.

Free Spins Bonus Round

The heat truly intensifies with the appearance of four, five, or six fireball scatters, which grant access to the bonus round with 15, 20, or 25 free spins, respectively. The bonus round is where the game's volatility reaches its peak, offering explosive rewards as each win during the free spins is multiplied by the total number of winning symbols involved in the tumble. This mechanic not only emphasizes the game's generous nature but also reflects the cascading fury of Mount Vesuvius's eruption, offering players the chance to escape with monumental wins.

Irina Cornides, Chief Operating Officer at Pragmatic Play, emphasizes the game's innovative blend of the tumble feature with the Megaways™ mechanic, noting that it delivers a gameplay experience enriched by expanding reels and variable multipliers. This combination underscores Pragmatic Play's commitment to providing dynamic and engaging content that pushes the boundaries of traditional slot games.

"Pompeii Megareels Megaways™" is not just a slot game; it's an adventure through time, offering a window into the past coupled with the thrill of modern slot mechanics. Following in the footsteps of Pragmatic Play's recent hits like "The Alter Ego" and "Big Bass Floats My Boat," this game is poised to become another favorite among players seeking a gameplay experience that is as rewarding as it is immersive.