Joins Forces with to Elevate the Tradeit League FE Masters teams up with to supercharge the Tradeit League FE Masters, bringing bigger prizes and viewer giveaways to the female esports scene. With $2800 on the line, tune in on April 6-7 for thrilling competition and the chance to win!

Crowd celebrating with 'Gaming News' banner, & League logos. Sports joins League for epic FE Masters!

In an exciting development for the esports community, particularly for female esports, has announced its partnership with, marking a new era for the Tradeit League FE Masters. This collaboration promises to bring not only bigger prizes for the competitors but also an array of viewer giveaways, adding an extra layer of excitement for fans tuning in.

A Promising Start

The inaugural edition of the Tradeit League FE Masters has set a high benchmark. Featuring 16 female teams, the tournament kicked off a series that has the potential to significantly impact the female esports scene. With Navi Javelins clinching the victory and BIG Equipa securing second place, the competition was fierce, and the stage is now set for even more thrilling battles ahead.

Elevating the Stakes

Thanks to this new partnership between and, the upcoming edition of the FE Masters League is gearing up to be more lucrative and exciting. The initial tournament boasted a prize pool of $500 cash plus skins, a figure that has now been dramatically increased to $1500 cash and $1300 in skins for the forthcoming competition. This boost in prizes is a testament to the commitment of both organizations to elevate female esports to new heights.

The Upcoming Edition

Scheduled for April 6 - 7, the second edition of the Tradeit League FE Masters will continue with the successful format of its predecessor: 16 teams, single-elimination, and best-of-three matches. With teams like NIP Impact, ENCE Athena, and Spirit Female among the participants, the competition promises to be as intense as ever. Additionally, viewer giveaways will add to the excitement, ensuring that fans have more than one reason to watch.


  • NIP Impact
  • ENCE Athena
  • Spirit Female
  • BIG Equipa
  • Fearless Cheetahs
  • GL Prism
  • FORZE Ladies
  • Permitta
  • 5bites
  • QuestionMark
  • Nemesis
  • Team Pigeons
  • More whiskey

Prize Pool Distribution

1st Place - $1,250 Cash + $500 in Skins
2nd Place - $250 Cash + $300 in Skins
3rd Place - $250 in Skins
MVP - $250 in Skins
Total Prize Pool - $2,800

Tournament Format & Schedule

Format: Single Elimination BO3
Day 1: Round 1 + Quarter Finals
Day 2: Semis + Grand Final

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Looking Forward

While the details of the third edition of the FE Masters League are still under wraps, the anticipation is already building. With a total prize pool of $2800 for the upcoming tournament, including cash and skins, the stakes have never been higher.

Given the absence of Navi Javelins from the upcoming edition, BIG Equipa is viewed as a strong contender. However, with a field full of formidable teams, the path to victory will be anything but straightforward.

How to Join the Excitement

To catch all the action live, fans can tune in on April 6 and 7. The matches will begin at 11:00 AM CET on the first day and at 1:00 PM CET on the second day. The entire tournament will be streamed live on's official Twitch channel.

In conclusion, the partnership between and heralds a new chapter for female esports, promising not just greater competition but also more rewards for both participants and fans. With the stage set for the next edition of the Tradeit League FE Masters, the esports community is eagerly awaiting what promises to be a memorable event.